Non-Profit Oganization Growth Consultant - Jackie Gelb

By: Jackie Gelb  09-12-2011
Keywords: Directors, Executive Coaching, Non-profit

Organizational Assessments
Community Ventures Consulting can help a non-profit gather and analyze the information needed to support smart, strategic decision-making. CVC produces a variety of written assessments which can examine: the external environment, including stakeholder perceptions; the internal dynamics among Board and/or staff; the needs within the community; the effectiveness of a program or service; or the feasibility of a potential new initiative.

Board and Staff Development
Community Ventures Consulting works with a Board of Directors to strengthen its role as a governance body, and build its capacity to support the organization. CVC helps strengthen communication and coordination at the staff level, cultivating an effective Management Team and engaging the staff in reflection and planning for continuous improvement. Capacity-Building and Infrastructure Planning
At key stages in its development, a non-profit may need practical assistance to grow its internal management systems. Drawing on its culturally diverse team of associates, Community Ventures Consulting offers extensive, hands-on expertise in infrastructure development, on such issues as: fund development and sustainability planning, facility planning and real estate development, human resource systems, including staffing plans and, performance evaluation, fiscal reporting, monitoring and system upgrades, technology system upgrades, and program evaluation systems.

Designing Results-Driven Programs
Too often, organizations rush into launching new programs with inadequate planning. With an entrepreneurial energy, CVC works with an organization to assess various program design options and identify the best model for a results-oriented program. By investing up front in program design, non-profits ensure that funding proposals are competitive, evaluation systems are in place, and the program has its intended impact.Executive Coaching
Non-profit dynamics can be complex. Executive Directors frequently are expected to operate at breakneck speed with inadequate resources, simultaneously problem-solving for the present, while planning for future growth. Community Ventures Consulting can serve as a neutral sounding board for an over-extended Executive Director, providing the fresh perspective of an experienced colleague. CVC’s executive coaching is flexibly structured to adapt to the changing circumstances and needs of the Executive Director.Executive Transitions
Executive transitions can be a time of great anxiety and stress for both the Board of Directors and staff. It is also a time of opportunity, offering the Board of Directors a chance to define and impact the organization’s future, and to recruit an Executive with the skills to move the organization to its next level. CVC can provide a Board of Directors with step-by-step support in moving through this transition, and can provide staff with a sense of continuity and stability during this interim period.

Keywords: Directors, Executive Coaching, Non-profit, program evaluation