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By: J. Hesse Landscaping  09-12-2011
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Below is a comprehensive list of services we offer our clients.

  • Spring Cleanup: Removal of all debris, leaves & branches from lawn areas by raking, as necessary. We will haul away all scrap and leave your property prepared for the growing season.
  • Fertilizing: When properly fertilized, a lawn maintains good color, density and vigor, and does not easily succumb to insects, weeds, or diseases. We can implement a fertilization schedule that will keep your lawn healthy and less susceptible to environmental stress and damage.
  • Top Dressing & Seeding: By adding a layer mixed soil (peat moss, compost & black earth) combined with a good quality grass seed, we will ensure your lawn always look its best and help to even out small bumps.
  • Lawn Dethatching: A thick layer of thatch will stop water and fertilizer from reaching the soil. Detaching will cut through this layer and bring it to the surface of the lawn where it can be picked up.
  • Lawn Aeration: Aeration of a lawn helps by letting nutrients reach the areas where they are most needed. With small cores removed, water, oxygen and fertilizer can easily reach the roots of the grass.
  • Lawn Maintenance: Mowing, trimming and picking up all grass clippings helps to keep your property in top shape without getting debris in your pool.
  • Leaf Pickup: Leaf pickup services begin mid October and continue throughout November. Let us do the majority of the work in the fall so the spring cleanup will be quick and easy.


  • Spring Cleanup: After snow has melted it’s time to clean up. Let us remove all debris from flowerbeds and gardens. We can trim shrubs and cut back any perennials to facilitate your plants’ renewal and ability to flourish in the summer.
  • Garden Setup: Edging flowerbeds, adding composted soil and manure are all part of the garden setup. We’ll make sure your planting beds and vegetable garden are ready for the planting season.
  • Annual Planting: Let us design and plant flowerbeds that will be the envy of your neighborhood. We won the “Villes Fleuries” prize in Kirkland four years in a row for outstanding floral displays.
  • Garden Mainenance: Weeding & cultivating, edging flowers beds, dead heading, tying up and supporting perennials and annuals; We will look after your gardens needs throughout the growing season. We can also fertilize your annuals to keep them looking great and flower abundantly.
  • Shrub and Hedge Trimming: From large cedar hedges to ornamental shrubs and evergreens surrounding your house, we have the experience and equipment to work efficiently to enhance to presentation of your property with exceptional results.
  • Garden Closing: After the first frost, the cleanup begins. We will trim shrubs and perennials appropriately, remove all annuals and install winter protection to ensure your garden and plants are well protected to weather whatever Mother Nature throws our way during the winter months.


Being well versed and striving to continually update methods of landscape construction, we can provide you with innovative designs to implement a variety of softscaping & hardscaping projects.

Paving stone installation on driveway, walkways and patios
Natural stone or Pre cast concrete retaining walls
Rock gardens
Wood decks and fences
Installation of French drains
Grading and installation of sod
Installation of window wells
Installation of flowerbeds with shrub, perennial & annual layouts
Planting of cultivated and swamp cedar hedges


The following are services also offered by our company:

  • Eavestrough cleaning: To ensure that eaves can work properly, they should be cleaned a minimum of twice a year, typically in the spring and fall after all leaves have fallen.
  • Pressure washing: With the years, concrete and paver walks & driveways can become dark and mossy. Pressure spraying is an easy way to rejuvenate the appearance and breathe new life into existing installations.
  • Winter roof cleaning: The buildup of snow and ice on your roof can be dangerous and cause damage to your home. Removing snow from roofs and balconies is a regular winter activity for us. Once it’s off your roof we also make sure your walkways and basement windows are all free of snow before we move on to the next job.

Liste complète des services offerts

  • Nettoyage printanier : Ramassage de tous les débris, feuilles et branches qui jonchent la pelouse, au râteau si nécessaire. Nous enlevons tous les débris afin que votre terrain soit prêt pour la saison de croissance.
  • Application d'engrais :
  • L’application d’engrais assur e la santé d’une pelouse, reconnaissable à une herbe dense, vigoureuse et d’une belle couleur, et à sa résistance aux infestations d’insectes, aux mauvaises herbes et aux maladies. Grâce à notre programme de fertilisation, votre pelouse restera en bonne santé et saura se défendre contre les agressions naturelles.
  • Pose de tourbe et ensemencement :
  • L’ajout d’ une couche de terre mélangée (mousse de tourbe, terre noire et compost) avec des semences pour gazon de bonne qualité permet d’éliminer les petites inégalités de la surface et d’assurer l’état optimal de votre pelouse.
  • Déchaumage : Une couche épaise de chaume empêchera l’eau et l’engrais de pénétrer la terre. Chaumer la pelouse montera la chaume en surface pour l’enlever.
  • Aération de la pelouse : Le but de l’aération est de faciliter l’infiltration des éléments nutritifs dans la terre aux bons endroits. Les petits trous d’aération aideront l’eau, l’oxygène et l’engrais à atteindre les racines de l’herbe.
  • Entretien de la pelouse : La tonte, l’entretien des bordures et le ramassage de l’herbe coupée maintiendront la belle apparence de votre gazon tout en évitant la chute de débris dans votre piscine.
  • Ramassage de feuilles: Le ramassage des feuilles commence au milieu du mois d'octobre et se poursuit en novembre. Siv ous nous confiez cette tâche en automne, le nettoyage prinatier sera facile et rapide.

Keywords: Gardens, Gardens Needs