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By: Itr Mobility  09-12-2011


In today’s rapidly-changing mobile landscape, it’s critical that enterprise IT be strategic and proactive when it comes to taking advantage of this transformative technology. From creating strategy to the facilitation of an application roadmap, we work with our clients to help them be prepared for whatever the future may hold.


When it comes to mobile architecture, there are quite a few variables that come into play and there is no perfect one-size-fits-all approach. We help our clients understand the multiple dimensions of mobile architecture, from platform-specific or cross-platform development, to web, native, or hybrid applications.


Whether you need some help bringing your own internal development team up to speed on mobile through training or pair-programming, or you want to outsource the development of an entire project, we have the team to deliver success. Our staff can either work from your location or from our development center.

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iFactr Features | ITR mobility

For organizations that have made existing investments in .NET applications, or have existing .NET code libraries and business logic, that code can often be reused in iFactr applications with minimal refactoring, maximizing the return on investment in intellectual property and proprietary business processes.


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You can build native apps that use any platform-specific APIs or HTML5 apps that provide rich web-based functionality, all while using the exact same business logic and data code, whether running on the device or the server. You have the flexibility to write one abstract presentation layer for all supported platforms and architectures, or writing a custom user interface for each platform.