Custom Standardization Solutions Using Business Blocks

By: Iteh Solutions  09-12-2011

iTeh® Standardization Solutions (iSes®)

iTeh® provides iSes® solutions that cover all aspects of the standardization organization lifecycle from project initiation to project withdrawal. The solutions offer complete control over the management of standardization projects in various stages of development, which includes an advanced search engine, and basic and detailed information about a project.

Standardization organizations can easily view and edit bodies and technical working groups (TDT) of European, national and international standardization organizations.

The iSes® manages a full lifecycle of the sale of standards, standardization, and other sales items that the organization offers to the market. Designed as a central price list, the user can easily add new and edit existing items in different currencies.

The Technical Committee Membership Management module enables Standardization organizations to easily manage technical committees and their activities. Within this enterprise application, sub-modules help users add new national and foreign technical committees and edit existing committees.

This module provides a complete history of technical committee activities, their members and relationships with national and foreign committees, for example, EU and international technical committees.
Straightforward navigation for tracking and managing all roles within each committee or subcommittee, make this module easy to use.

Extensive security limits authorized users from viewing and modifying information.
Easily search for technical committees, meetings and employees using the comprehensive search capability.

The Project Management Module manages the full lifecycle of a Standardization project from initiation and publication to withdrawal. For Standardization organizations or any organization with business processes, this module is easy to use, supporting the adoption of European and International standards for general, electro-technical and telecommunication fields.

Comprehensive workflow provides effective task management to manage the full lifecycle of the Standardization project. Extensive Project details include project title and scope, relationships to other projects, project stages, ICSs by categorization code, project directives and mandates, project documents and related action items.

Extensive security allows only authorized users to view or modify information.
Robust and complex searches support easy data retrieval of projects, mandates, directives and ICSs.
Data is easily exported to Excel or xml for further analysis.
Create any number of Project Management reports, using an extensible and easy to use Reporting system.

The Data Synchronization and Load module allows organizations to download and import projects and documents from remote locations. Projects and documents can be securely downloaded to local systems from any remote location, including CEN, CENELEC, ETSI, ISO, IEC, DIN, BS, AFNOR, etc.

All processed files and transactions are stored in a database for future reference or retrieval. After the download is complete, a load or import of downloaded projects and documents is created. At the same time, this fully automated processing load in the Enterprise System creates and generates a connection, providing a relationship between projects and documents. At the end of this process, the organization not only has the projects and documents loaded, but they are also connected to supported algorithms.

Easily share, distribute and store business information with the Document Management module. A secure central repository stores documents, such as project plans, price lists, legal  articles, memos, letters, contracts, pictures, and much more, ensuring that only authorized users gain access to specific documents. In order to prevent unauthorized access to information, all data in the Document Management repository is encrypted.

Get the most out of your marketing efforts by tracking a campaign’s budgeted cost, actual cost, number of leads generated, number of customers gained and total revenue generated. With the Marketing Automation module, you can measure campaigns and automatically hand over leads to sales, thereby giving your marketing team a clear view into the entire customer lifecycle. Built-in statistics allow for effective campaign evaluation so you can adjust marketing initiatives for maximum results.

For efficient task management, iTeh® offers workforce planning, which includes resource scheduling and workload tracking. In addition, powerful analytic tools and dashboards allow management to make faster, more informed decisions.

Design business processes, specify who is responsible, the time required, deadlines, priorities, and overdue explanations.

How much time do you spend on projects? How much time do you spend on tasks? In order to optimize business processes, you need answers to these questions. With the Business Process and Workflow module, every completed task contains information about the effort involved and its outcome. With powerful analytic tools and dashboards that offer real-time viewing and reporting, Managers can make faster decisions.

With business process management you never miss a deadline. Confidently schedule and meet all of your deadlines using built-in rules-based calendaring. Smart alarms remind you of upcoming appointments so you’re never late and you never  miss an important engagement.

The Agreements and Contracts Management module gives your business full contract lifecycle management functionality – including collaborative contract creation and negotiation, performance, compliance and risk management, and amendment and renewal processing. The module allows you to easily create different types of agreements and contracts and associate them with clients, Service Files, opportunities, etc. You can assign deadlines to every task and associate workflow, as well as attach documents. This module lets you assign security access levels to only those users involved in an agreement, with read/write access to individual fields.

The E-Commerce Solution not only creates an additional sales channel, but it also reveals available products and services provided by the company. Service-based architecture lets you use different payment processors, such as Megapos, PayPal, Google Checkout, and much more.

The Human Resource module tracks existing employee data which traditionally includes personal histories, skills, capabilities, accomplishments and salary. Configurable timesheets can be quickly converted into text, xml or csv format for integration with Payroll, Financial and Accounting systems.

In addition to employee data, the module helps to manage organizational structure, relationships and relative ranking of positions/jobs. Effective policy management in different layers of the organizational hierarchy fosters a culture of governance, risk and compliance management.

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