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By: Iteh Solutions  09-12-2011
Keywords: web services, Business Software, Service Oriented Architecture

Business blocks effective way to improve solution stability and cut project cost

Our solutions are based on a modern business software framework, structured from technological and functional components, standardized business packages, and application processes that have been tested and proven in different solutions for our partners and clients.

This flexible solution is fully release-capable, highly adaptable, can easily handle value added processes with standard business components, and can be effortlessly adapted to individual tasks and requirements.

More than 4,000 man-hours have been spent on developing extensive business object and UI frameworks, covering all aspects of highly scalable enterprise level application development.

We are constantly improving the framework, adding new functionality and updates, to reflect new trends and technologies; the latest technologies are adopted into our development process, and are leveraged by using the best tools available on the market.

Our solution can be represented as sets of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) web services that allow companies to seamlessly integrate their existing applications with our products and solutions.

We believe that the Agile Development Methodology is the best and most effective way to develop projects. The reasons are:

A short iteration cycle means that you not only have your finger on the pulse of the development process, but also:

    1. Customer satisfaction is increased because of rapid, continuous delivery of useful software
    2. Working software is delivered frequently, weeks rather than months
    3. Working software is the principal measure of progress

Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design, which consists of:

    1. Re-factoring processes as a required step in every iteration
    2. Simplicity that reduces support costs and improves stability and maintainability of the application.

Close cooperation between business staff and Developers which includes

    1. Face-to-face conversations; the best form of communication
    2. Late changes in requirements are welcome

This established and well-organized development process allows us to give our clients the best results, reduces the number of defects and improves application usability, thereby keeping our clients happy.

Keywords: Business Software, Service Oriented Architecture, web services

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