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By: Iteh Solutions  09-12-2011
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iTeh® Lawyers Office (iLaw®)

iTeh® provides a complete solution for any law firm – iLaw®.

With the powerful, extendable and easy to use concept of Service Files, the solution helps to manage and organize client cases seamlessly. With built in time, billing, accounting and practice management tools, iLaw is a complete solution for any law firm. Manage clients, contacts, calendars, documents, e-mail, accounting and much more, eliminating the need to run multiple applications. iLaw helps to simplify a law firm’s management by providing a complete set of software tools designed to streamline productivity and increase billing.

A Service File is roughly analogous to numbered file folders and can be created for each service delivered by your Company, allowing you to easily trace all communications. A Service File can be a Lawyer’s case and can include a Case ID, the accused, witnesses, police officers, lawyers, secretaries, and so on. Flexible role-based security manages read/update user rights based on their involvement in the file.

With Service File Management you enter information once and the system takes care of the rest. Different types of Service Files guide the process of collecting information about dissimilar client cases.

iLaw puts all Service File related information at your fingertips for quick and easy retrieval.

  • Scan quarterly and annual reports, asset purchase or merger agreements, financial documents, board meeting minutes, corporate resolutions, and other vital documents for secure archiving and easy retrieval.

Your clients will notice and appreciate your professionalism.

The module allows you to automate all your cases. Design business processes, specify who is responsible, the time required, deadlines, chargeability and rate. iLaw’s integrated time, billing and accounting features make it easy to organize your financial information.

How much time do you spend on case? How much time do you spend on tasks? How many billable hours do you spend on tasks/case? With the Business Process and Workflow module, every completed task contains information about the effort involved and its outcome. Automated invoicing uses task details to generate bills.

Management reports help you see what parts of your practice are the most profitable. Specifically, if you are billing on a flat-rate basis, you need to streamline your practice so you provide the best client service in the least amount of time.

With Business Process Management you never miss a deadline. Confidently schedule and meet all of your deadlines using built-in rules-based calendaring. Smart alarms remind you of upcoming appointments, so you’re never late and you never miss an important engagement.

Easily share, distribute and store business information with the Document Management module. A  secure central repository stores documents, such as legal articles, memos, letters, contracts, pictures, and much more, ensuring that only authorized users gain access to specific documents. In order to prevent unauthorized access to information all data in the Document Management repository is encrypted.

With an extensible list of document templates, iLaw automatically completes your documents and court forms using information from your existing database. iLaw will turn all your documents into reusable templates that will make document generation a breeze.

Quickly draft correspondence and documents, such as certificates of incorporation and corporate bylaws, shareholder agreements, financial documents, or any of the SEC filings (e.g. 10-Q, 10-K, 8-K, 11-K, or 14-A).

Streamlining the document generation process will save time and effort, while improving your work product. Both you and your client win.

Cost effective, customizable software

The iTeh® Solution is flexible and builds on existing and proven software, Because of this , we can develop cost-effective, customized solutions that are specifically tailored to your  needs. With one integrated solution for the entire organization, the iTeh® Solution eliminates data duplication and errors that can occur with separate systems.

The iTeh® solution contains Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) web services that allow companies to seamlessly integrate their existing applications with our products and solutions. The solution is a modern business software framework structured from technological and functional components, standardized business packages and application processes that are proven and tested with our partners and clients.

At iTeh® we believe that the Agile Development Methodology is the best and most effective way to develop projects. This methodology provides continuous attention to technical excellence and the short iteration cycle means that customer satisfaction is increased due to rapid, continuous delivery of useful software. This, combined with continuous development and communication, ensures a faster, more accurate software delivery.

More than 2,000 man-hours have been spent on developing extensive business object and UI frameworks, covering all aspects of highly scalable enterprise level application development. We constantly improve the framework, adding new functionality and updates to reflect new trends and technologies.

Our cost-effective, customized solutions are tailored to our customer’s needs, and our established and well-organized development process allows iTeh® to give our customers the best results, reducing the number of defects and improving application usability.

Other Modules

Other modules available include:


    Our Competitive Advantage truly differentiates us from similar solution providers and gives your business a competitive advantage by saving you time and money. iLaw will streamline your workflow, automate routine tasks, and keep you on top of your cases and deadlines.

    The iTeh® goal is to build long-term relationships with our customers. We believe in delivering quality services to solve our customer’s challenges and we define success by exceeding our customer’s expectations.

    For less cost and in less time, you get a proven, superior product and the support to back it up!

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