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I.T. Workz services are delivered right to your front door.  The services we are currently offering are:

Software Support

This is support for program errors, freezing, how-to instruction, installation, and configuration of any software product.  Obviously knowing every software product is impossible and unrealistic but we will do all we can, if we can't solve it we will find you the help you need.  You will get the best support on the products below:

  • Microsoft Windows 9X, ME, 2000/NT, XP, and Vista 32/64 bit

  • Microsoft Office (all versions)

  • Microsoft Access, Outlook, Project, and Visio

  • Open Office

  • Internet Explorer (all versions)

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Lotus Notes 4.X, and 5.X

  • Lotus Smart Suite

  • Symantec GHOST Imaging Software

  • Norton Antivirus (all versions)

  • IBM Antivirus

  • McAfee Antivirus (all versions)

  • McAfee Personal Firewall

  • ZoneAlarm Pro

  • iTunes

  • Corel WordPerfect Suite

  • Safeguard Easy

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Netscape Navigator & Communicator

  • Tax Prep Corporate, Personal, and for Trusts

  • Quickbooks

  • Adobe Acrobat

  • Skype

Hardware Support

This includes support for installation, configuration and troubleshooting of the following types of devices:

  • Printers

  • PDAs (Palm devices, iPAQ, Blackberry, etc.)

  • iPODs

  • Hard drives (SCSI/IDE)

  • CD Writers

  • CD ROM Drives

  • SCSI Cards and SCSI Devices

  • Scanners

  • Motherboards

  • 3D and 2D Video Cards

  • Modems

  • Sound Cards

  • GPRS Wireless Network Cards

  • Network Interface Cards

  • Network Hubs and Switches

  • Wireless Access Points (802.11b)

  • PDAs (Windows CE and Palm OS devices)

  • Server RAID Drives

  • USB Devices

If your device is not listed above give us a call, it may have missed our list or we will find you the answer.

Wired and Wireless Networks

Upgrades to Existing Equipment

Want more speed but not ready to buy a whole new machine?  Maybe an upgrade is all you need.  We perform all types of upgrades, hard drives, RAM, processor and motherboard upgrades, video and sound cards, and other upgrades like CD writer installations.

Technology Purchasing Advice

Don't have the time to learn all the new jargon just to buy a new computer?  Let us tell you what it all means in plain english.  We will listen to what you are looking for and provide only the solutions that match your criteria.  Get the right technology for you.

Data Recovery

If you have ever heard the dreaded clunking and grinding of a damaged hard drive you know how helpless you feel with no access to your data.  We can provide 'first level' data recovery at simply a 1 hour charge, that means as low as $30 instead of $3000 from other companies.  First level recovery has a success rate of around 60%, that means 60% of the time we retrieve all of the data.  

New Computer Sales

Want to choose your parts?  Or maybe you want all name brand parts at the same price as the 'knock-offs?'  We will make the system tailored exactly to your needs and budget.  Plus all systems come with 1 full year of support for all hardware at no additional charge.

Support is available 24 hours a day – 7 Days a week.

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