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By: It Werks Technologies  09-12-2011
Keywords: Productivity, employee engagement, Employee Monitoring

Record, Report, Restrict.

Scoop© Advanced is a Corporate Employee Engagement Monitoring solution designed to provide the technical back-end for the solution of productivity loss in companies. Employee Monitoring helps dramatically increase business productivity. Scoop© Advanced is able to:

  • Record Information

  • Report Trends

  • Restrict Misuse

Record The Right Information

Scoop Employee Monitoring is able to record a wide variety of information from a workstation. Here is a list of what is possible to collect:

- Web traffic usage patterns

- Chat sessions (such as MSN and Yahoo Chat)

- Understand how much time is spent away from the computer

- See what types of Program usage is occurring

- Online searches that are being conducted

- What types of Files are being transferred to removable drives

Report on The Business Information

The information you collect using Scoop Employee Monitoring is intended to help you drive productivity levels higher--by helping you make strategic decisions. Here is what you can now get answered:

- Which employees are wasting the most time surfing the Internet?
- How much time is being wasted?
- How long do lunch breaks really last?
- Which employee is taking long lunch breaks?
- Who is spending time on adult/shopping/gambling websites?
- Is anyone sending out confidential company information to the competitors?
- Who is spending the most time on Chat or e-Mail?

Restrict Policy Violators

Once you have identified the usage patterns, you can use Scoop Employee Monitoring to create policies on what is permissible and what is a violation. Violations can then be restricted. For example:

- Restrict access to specific websites
- Restrict certain Chat clients (MSN, Yahoo etc.)

These restrictions can affect a single person, a group, or company wide. You have full control who and what to restrict. As an example, you may want your Sales team to have access to Facebook. Facebook helps them network and sell your product. However, you may not want your Data Entry team to have this access. So once you set up monitoring, you can restrict the Data Entry team from going to Facebook.

The Scoop© Advanced Advantage

Finally there is Scoop Employee Monitoring, which brings a powerful technical back-end to help quantify the waste. With the robust monitoring, analysis, and reporting engine, you can expect excellent employee engagement at all levels in the company. As you can imagine, not everyone can use the information Scoop Employee Monitoring collects ethically. Therefore we have created three levels of access to the information depending on the position of the individual.

  • Executive Access

  • Management Access

  • Employee Access

Executive Access Level

The Executive has unrestricted, company-wide information. It is easy to use and understand. This information is available in real time, and information can be viewed over a specified duration. Executives are able to do the following:

- The Dashboard provides easy to read graphs and charts with an overall grading system.
- Drill down capability right to the source of the problem is permitted at this access level.
- The ability to view information over a specific time period helps design strategic goals that the company can work to reach.

Management Access Level

Management has the ability to view productivity related information on their specific group. This information is available in real time, and information can be viewed over a specified duration. Management is able to do the following:

- Management does NOT have drill-down access to individual records of employees. Please see the discussion about the company bottom-line and employee morale.
- The Dashboard provides easy to read graphs and charts with an overall grading system.
- Management can generate reports. This helps them create inter-group competition to increase productivity within their groups.
- Management can compete against other group managers based on their overall group grade. This is very healthy!

Employee Access Level

Employees have complete access to their own information. This information is available in real time, and information can be viewed over a specified duration. Employees are able to do the following:

- How they rank with a simple grade.
- Drill-down to details if they want to know the 'why'.
- Understand if they need to better themselves after getting the group reports from Management.

Note: employees do not feel left out of the information that is being gathered about them if they have access to their own information.

Keywords: employee engagement, Employee Monitoring, Productivity,

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