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By: Isuppli  09-12-2011
Keywords: supply chain, Electronic Components, contract manufacturing

The  iSuppli’s manufacturing and pricing research is crucial to contract manufacturers as well as those involved in procurement outsourcing, electronic contract manufacturing,  component pricing, and electronics outsourcing,.

Component Health Watch

  • Collaborative effort by iSuppli application analysts who research component end use and by iSuppli component analysts who focus their investigation on component and raw material supply.

  • Provides analysis on the overall supply environment, considering: supplier health, emerging technologies, raw material issues, component maturities, available and planned capacity,  and current and projected demand.

  • Reports the supplier ability or willingness to accept un-forecasted upsides

  •   Affords overall manufacturer lead times for each component reported, with current month lead time given in weeks and the next quarter lead time is presented in graphical format with colored arrows depicting the status of lead time

Component Price Tracker

Component Price Tracker (CPT)™ is an annual service that provides current component pricing and price forecasts across the three major global regions for high-volume, multi-sourced electronic components. The iSuppli Component Price Tracker examines the most representative part descriptions per component group on a monthly basis. It uniquely affords consistent and accurate pricing information by analyzing thousands of global pricing data points.

  • Annual price tracking service for the most-popular, high-volume, multi-sourced electronic components ( Over 400 components that are representative of over 20,000)

  • Most common component package types are represented

  • Current market electronic component prices provided

  • Forecasted electronic component prices afforded

  • Contract and spot pricing analyzed

  • Are my component costs in line with current and forecasted market pricing?

  • Can I improve my regional sourcing of components from electronic components manufacturers to take advantage of tactical price swings?

  • Is there any way suppliers can improve the industry's product mix issues?

  • What procurement sourcing/supply strategies should vendors and buyers pursue?

Electronic Contract Manufacturing (EMS & ODM)

  • What are the key industrial and business trends shaping this industry? 

  • Which EMS/ODMs are winning and losing? Why? 

  •   How is supply chain power shifting among OEMs, EMS providers, ODMs and component manufacturing suppliers?

  • Which product segments are growing? Which segments are contracting?

  • What can financial analysis tell us about the contract manufacturing industry? Are any suppliers at risk of bankruptcy?

  • How is mergers and acquisitions activity impacting the competitive landscape?

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