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Anti-Spam Directory

ISP-Planet's anti-spam directory offers you a quick overview of the promising but challenging variety of spam solutions on the market. Check back frequently because new solutions are appearing every day.

Anti-spam products offered to ISPs are no longer mere ports of enterprise systems; most companies now build specific products for the ISP market. There are many options available, and each ISP should be able to find a suitable product.

Product and Company Founded Service
Most Recent Article
2005 in
San Jose, CA
This company, founded by Propel founder Kirsch, has a unique recipient reputation system (patent pending). Software is priced per user and ISPs can either buy a box from Abaca or supply their own hardware.
[November 9, 2007]
1997 in Vancouver BC Canada
[November 8, 2002]
2002 in
Cupertino CA
Appliance with no per-mailbox fees making it one of the cheapest on the market. ISP features are being added. Starts at $1,797.
[March 6, 2007]
[January 15, 2004]
c. 1990 in
Bucharest, Romania
Focuses on highly customized product for large ISPs. Also offers turnkey solution for $5,000 plus $0.10 per subscriber per month. Renewal fees are 50 percent of initial sale. Free anti-virus product available.
[October 22, 2004]
2004 in Herzliya Pituach, Israel, with offices in Menlo Park, CA
[December 5, 2005]
1998 in San Francisco CA
[October 11, 2002]
1982 in
Reading, UK
Top of the line, comprehensive service targeted at protecting business e-mail. Service incorporates anti-spam, anti-virus, policy enforcement, and intellectual property protection.
[January 12, 2004]
1998 in San Francisco
[May 15, 2007]
[February 1, 2007]
1997 in Kassel, Germany
[March 27, 2003]
Košice, Slovakia It's based on heuristics, like SpamAssassin, but claims to be 30 times faster.
[June 18, 2007]
1991 in Netanya, Israel Uses content-independent statistical analysis of traffic flow. As RBL only, priced starting at $3 per user per year. Total solution starts at $20 per user per year. Both have volume discounts.
[June 23, 2003]
Hendersonsville, NC EGramPlus is a disposale e-mail system with client and server side components. It is available though an affiliate agreement, and directly, with licenses starting at $19.95 and decreasing rapidly to $10 and below for volumes as low as 1000 licenses.
[July 7, 2004]
2002 in Edmonton, Alberta Canada
[March 19, 2004]
San Clemente CA Company has sold enterprise anti-spam for some time; seeks ISP beta testers of its ISP edition. Product is a modified challenge-response system.
[May 14, 2003]
2002 in
Palo Alto CA
Fighting spam with copyrighted haiku and the DMCA.
[September 12, 2002]
Bohemia, NY An add-on to any mail server or anti-spam solution that specializes in checking for forged addresses of major ISPs.
Priced per message starting at $250 for 50,000 messages.
[November 21, 2003]
1996 in Sao Paolo, Brazil with offices in Bethesda, MD Service includes e-mail backup, anti-spam, and anti-virus. Anti-spam is based on Qmail and SpamAssassin, with custom GUI. Sold as 50/50 revenue share or for $3 per user per month, falling rapidly with volume orders to below $1 per user per month.
[May 15, 2003]
1991 in
Lexington MA
NT-based mail server. Priced at $1,495 for unlimited users plus an annual service agreement of about $445.
[April 11, 2000]
[also see from
March 14, 2005]
2001 in
San Bruno CA
[December 18, 2007]
[October 4, 2002]
2003 in St. Louis, MO A system that allows customers to safely unsubscribe from newsletters, free to ISPs and customers in exchange for allowing LASHBACK to monitor the performance of unsubscribes.
[February 2, 2007]
1996 in Surrey, BC, Canada Open source daemon available. System designed for ISPs with 1,000 subscribers or more.
[August 10, 2007]
2001 in Sausalito CA Filtering system that analyzes only the body of the message.
[August 19, 2004]
1999 in Gloucester UK
[July 31, 2002]
1997 in
Sunnyvale CA
High-end mail appliance vendor. Multi-featured server starts at $39,000. Customers include Verizon and BMW.
[April 12, 2002]
2002 in
Denver, CO
Modular, upgradeable framework for large ISPs. Supported by the MX Logic Threat Center, which researches spam in a manner similar to anti-virus centers. Priced at $2 per user per year for 250,000 users, with volume discounts available.
[March 15, 2004]
October 2001 in Austin TX Appliance-based product starts at a $19,995 flat fee for 250 users.
[January 2, 2003]
1994 in Redwood City CA A full featured mail server that interoperates with anti-virus and anti-spam products such as McAfee, Cloudmark, and Brightmail. Designed and priced for carriers. Protects cellular networks too.
[March 11, 2004]
1999 in Redwood City CA
[November 20, 2000]
2003 in Fort Collins CO A suite of e-mail protection products from a company that sells through channels only. Pricing not disclosed.
[June 29, 2006]
2002 in Rohnert Park, CA Using both an appliance at the ISP and a hosted system, Red Condor claims more detailed analysis, less management costs, and competitive pricing for a system being sold aggressively to ISPs.
[February 24, 2009]
2005 in Woburn MA A combination of many anti-spam methods with an improved type of disposable e-mail addresses that the company calls non-disposable e-mail addresses. Service can be licensed or hosted. Pricing starts at $0.50 per mailbox per month and other pricing options are available.
[May 14, 2008]
[Sept. 6, 2007]
[May 25, 2006]
1999 in Ottawa, Ontario Open source product. $1.50 per user (one time fee, maintenance 20 percent of sales fee per year). Company provides source code. Product is based on SpamAssassin.
[Oct. 29, 2007]
[July 17, 2006]
[September 1, 2005]
[July 17, 2003]
1995 in Campbell CA A Windows-based mail server. Service provider and carrier-class versions of the software are available, as well as versions serving 500 or fewer mailboxes.
[September 25, 2003]
1997 in
Emeryville CA
[December 18, 2002]
1994 in
Green Bay, WI
The company that built the ISP Green Bay Online and now runs a variety of web-delivered services built this system. Price is $2,995 per appliance plus a per user per month fee starting at $0.31, with prepayment and volume discounts.
[May 12, 2003]
1993 in
Mill Valley CA
High-end mail server available on 25 different operating systems.
[May 8, 2000]
2002 in
Franklin, TN
Priced per e-mail scanned. Available hosted or on-site. Especially inexpensive for ISPs receiving less than 100,000 e-mails per day.
[June 10, 2004]
1997 in Moscow, Russia, now headquartered in Herndon, VA Basic anti-spam and other security features added to a popular control panel.
[July 24, 2003]
2003 in
Honolulu, HI
Challenge response system with extra features that allow customers to subscribe to newsletters and interact with e-commerce websites. Fools mass mail software into thinking you don't exist.
[April 7, 2003]
1998 in CA Various suites of anti-spam services from the free online HouseCall to the InterCloud Security Service.
[September 22, 2006]
2004 in Conshohocken PA
[March 12, 2004]
2002 in Marlborough MA Client-based software sold to end users directly and through ISP partners. Relies on a "bonded sender" concept and complements other anti-spam measures.
[September 6, 2002]
1994 in Montréal Quebec Canada Priced starting at $5,495 for 1,000 mailboxes on one server, the product relies on a coalition of small- and medium-sized ISP customers to update spam definitions. Company also makes MMORPG software.
[January 17, 2003]
1999 in Paderborn, Germany A complete suite of content control and security, including anti-spam and anti-virus, targeted at enterprises and ISPs with enterprise customers. Pricing was not disclosed.
[April 17, 2003]
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Keywords: anti-spam

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