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By: Isomorphic Software  09-12-2011

SmartClient's end-to-end solutions allow you to build applications in a way that is radically simpler and produces a radically better result. The better your team understands SmartClient, the more effective they will be. With Isomorphic's expertise on tap, you can reap the benefits of taking the right approach the first time.

    Supporting an enterprise-class solution like SmartClient means understanding and supporting the complete software stack - from database to browser - as well as understanding the full life cycle of enterprise software.

    "Cheat sheet" approaches don't work, and people who understand only part of the picture can give useless or even catastrophically bad advice.

    Instead, meaningful developer support means access to the consultants who build SmartClient-based applications every day, and access to the engineers who built SmartClient itself.

    This is what we deliver: unlimited access to Isomorphic's expertise and the ability to get your problems solved.

    Support Plans:

    All support plans are unlimited with a guaranteed maximum response time. See the chart below for details.

    • Basic: Best for startups and small companies who want to get help and advice from the SmartClient support team.
    • Enterprise: Best for mid-sized teams who require quicker response time guarantees and on-demand hot fixes.
    • Premium: Best for larger teams in enterprises creating mission critical applications that require a guaranteed quick response and phone support for show-stopper and production issues.

    Each team is different, and each one has different skill sets and different needs. Rather than give you a cookie cutter training program, we work with you to build the curriculum that's right for you. Your team learns exactly what it needs to get started building cutting edge applications. Start with the Introduction to SmartClient course, and then add additional one day modules to fill out your knowledge base. Customize your training even further by having Isomorphic Software engineers create a prototype of your application, and then use the prototype as part of the training materials. There is no better way to learn how SmartClient best practices apply to your project than to see it done by an expert.

    Curriculum Description

    Introduction to SmartClient / Smart GWT: This 3-day course provides a thorough introduction to using SmartClient covering:

    • Java/JavaScript and CSS Prerequisites
    • Installation & Deployment
    • SmartClient Class System (SmartClient Only)
    • UI Components
    • Data Binding
    • Developer Tools
    • Data Integration
    • Metadata Management
    • Optional Modules
    • Client-Server Communication
    • Event Handling
    • Basic Branding
    • Extending UI Components
    • Performance
    • Animation
    • JPA, Hibernate, SQL Connectors
    • Custom Server Data Integration

    Additional Training Modules:  Complete your training program by adding any of the below modules.

    • WSDL Web Services & SOA Integration: Connecting to WSDL web services in a SOA and using XML Schema as UI metadata.
    • SmartClient Analytics & Charting: Adding interactive Analytics and Charting into your applications using the SmartClient Analytics module.
    • SmartClient Skinning & Branding: Learn to use SmartClient's simplified skinning and branding capabilities to create a completely custom look and feel for your company.

    Isomorphic has been delivering SmartClient-based Ajax RIA applications for Fortune 500 companies since 2001 - no other company has more experience building complete business applications in the modern Ajax RIA architecture.

    Cut your development time and reduce risk by making SmartClient gurus part of your team. Wherever you are in your development cycle, it pays to bring Isomorphic's expertise on board. Get help with best practices, legacy upgrade planning, optimization, issue resolution, or just add a SmartClient expert as a full-time team member.

    Need an application done yesterday? Because our consultants actively participate in the design of SmartClient itself, they know exactly how it's meant to be used. Whether you need to recover from a botched project or need to address a new opportunity ASAP, Isomorphic is the right partner for time critical projects.

    Does SmartClient meet every requirement you have but one? Don't let a small feature gap force you to use another solution that is inferior overall. Isomorphic can deliver feature enhancements to SmartClient that meet your specific requirements and your specific deadlines.

    Sponsored features come complete with professional documentation and running samples, and are supported like any existing SmartClient functionality. Isomorphic bids aggressively on SmartClient enhancements, offering reduced rates for enhancements that broadly apply to other customers.

    For any general-purpose functionality you would otherwise build and maintain yourself, feature sponsorship is a highly cost effective way to shorten your project schedule and reduce the amount of code you maintain.

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