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By: Ironside Group  09-12-2011

In today’s challenging business environment, it’s more important than ever for your organization to develop a plan for success, and then to communicate, track, and execute against the plan. While this is fundamentally a simple concept, it is much more difficult to make a reality. Too many companies are inefficiently planning using difficult-to-manage spreadsheet upon nested spreadsheet. Apart from the problems with updating, spreadsheets are difficult to communicate with, and next to impossible to effectively collaborate with, across an organization of any size. It’s no wonder so many growing organizations have discarded early spreadsheet plans in favor of enterprise planning solutions. Enterprise planning allows you to answer 3 critical questions.

How are we doing?

Know, don’t guess, how you are performing compared to key metrics, to past performance, to budgets and forecasts.


Understand what the context is, by seeing the underlying drivers of performance, both good and bad.

What should we be doing?

Get ahead of the trends and drive performance. React immediately to important influences, and communicate new information quickly and easily.

Enterprise planning enables you to develop sophisticated and comprehensive plans easily and collaboratively, in either top-down or bottom-up scenarios. Set, communicate and update targets, goals and metrics quickly, across the entire organization. Enterprise Planning dramatically speeds up the mechanics of the planning process. You can build business models in days rather than months, letting you test scenarios and reduce risk. You can turn annual budgets into rolling forecasts that give more accurate visibility into future operating performance.

The Ironside Group delivers an enterprise planning solution that will enable you to gain better visibility to your business plans and the budgets that drive them, and will drive employee accountability through distributed scorecard metrics and shared, reliable information.

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