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Remote Gates

From Military Gates to Farm Gates, IRISS provides a remote, self-powered solution that utilizes Card or Key Fob access to deactivate an electric lock or act as a pass key for situations where locks are not desirable.  In addition, an environmentally hardened day/night camera will take video snap-shots of activity in the vicinity.   This information, along with alarm notification, is sent to the owner if an unauthorized vehicle enters. At any time, via a Web connected computer or mobile phone, the owner can view live video of the surrounding area. If desired, when a vehicle approaches the gate, a self-powered floodlight can be activated.       Also, for very sensitive requirements such as military gates a high level of encryption is typically enabled.

Gate types vary widely. Contact us to discuss the best options to satisfy your requirements. 


Protecting a construction site with typical methods can be very expensive. IRISS lowers a construction company’s budget for security by using electronic surveillance and implementing virtual guard tours numerous times during the day or night.  In addition, if unexpected activity takes place, our monitoring station (or a designated construction company employee) can log into to view the streaming video and provide voice commands over a loud speaker to unwanted visitors. A complete record is kept of all site activity.  IRISS’s solution can also incorporate lighting and time lapsed viewing of the construction process.  On remote construction sites IRISS provides a completely Solar Engine powered solution while at local sites it may sometimes be advantageous to connect to grid.   To accommodate different budgets, the construction company can rent the equipment, or purchase it and utilize its portability to deploy in another project. Deployment and start-up is a simple process.

More than ever before, explosive sites must be protected.

The Canadian government now mandates electronic verifiable accountability of stored explosives.

           Refer to Canadian Explosives Regulatory Division, Directive Letter #61

The United States has issued Explosive Storage Protection Guidelines

           Refer to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives

           advisory notice, Feb 24, 2009

IRISS takes protection serious by deploying solutions that provide immediate alarm notification along with video imagery when anyone comes close to the magazine. Authorized personal are identified by use of an access control credential (Card or Key fob).  Optional, two way voice communications is available.   The designed solution can have other benefits such as lighting, weather reporting, streaming video for weather or site verification reports.  IRISS provides rapid deployment of an intrinsically safe un-tethered solution for advanced protection of explosive magazines or other hazardous storage sites.

Special Events

Special events present a challenge for security because of the need for fast deployment and cost control.  Typically, security patrol officers are utilized; however this solution can be costly and cover limited grounds.     IRISS provides Video Surveillance, Lighting, Alarm Monitoring, and Access Control solutions that can be deployed in a matter of hours.  As well, the technology can be rented for the duration of the event or purchased and used for multiple different events.   IRISS’s technology provides alarms based upon people crossing a predetermined line in a scene, thereby alerting security personnel to a developing threat. An officer does not have to continually watch the video monitors.   Once alerted, they can then use any computer or hand held device (usually a cell phone) and scan the site or look at video history for infractions.  Flood Lighting is available as well as Electronic Access Control to secure more critical event storage or staging areas.  IRISS’s technology requires no local power and no wiring so you can be assured that you can have security coverage when and where you need it.

Critical Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure Protection has become a key component of national security programs, worldwide.  Dams, Pipelines, Power Grids, Rail Services, and Sewers are all considered vital infrastructure.  In most cases, these services are widespread and are typically very difficult to monitor and protect.  IRISS, with its Intelligent Remote Industrial Security Solutions provides a means to cost effectively protect exposed Infrastructure.  We can provide video surveillance, and alarm notification in extremely remote locations through the use of carefully designed Solar Engines, wireless communications, and intrinsically safe security devices.   In addition, we can provide a means to verify authorized personnel through the use of Electronic Access Control or Two Way Voice Communications. Flood Lighting is also available.    IRISS’s technology is extremely portable and can be rapidly deployed in the most demanding environments.

Keywords: Security

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