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By: Irish Bacon Slicers  09-12-2011
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There are a wide variety of sliced bacon types available including:
  Also known as Green, Pale, or Plain bacon, Unsmoked bacon has a wonderfull clasic flavor - Customers can choose from:
  • Back Bacon - Our fuller flavoured bacon which is extra tasty!
  • Dry Cured Bacon - A thicker cut, dry cure bacon which cooks and tastes as bacon used to!
  • Lean N Low - A healthier bacon which has 30% less fat and salt than standard bacon and only 45 calories per rasher!
  • Rindless streaky rashers
  • Thick cut rindless back rashers
  • Rindless back rashers.
  • Sweet cure back rashers
  • Maple cure back bacon.
  • Organic Bacon - Unsmoked or Smoked in any style.
  • Rind On rashers
  To produce this type of bacon, pork joints are hung in a chamber over beds of smoking wood chips. Depending on which type of wood is used, different flavours can be imparted to the bacon.
A wide variety of smoked bacon is also available from Irish Bacon Slicers, including:
  • Thick / Thin cut rindless back rashers
  • Rindless streaky rashers.
  • Thin back rashers.
  We also supply smoked/Unsmoked bacon backs, pork loins, and bacon joints.
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