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By: Iris Data Services  09-12-2011
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Iris uses proprietary early case assessment strategies and software to securely and defensibly reduce the volume of data and eliminate extraneous file types. This dramatically reduces the cost of discovery by limiting the amount of required processing and document review. Through these processes, Iris provides full and detailed iterative analyses, enabling legal teams to adjust processes and defensibly optimize decisions regarding what requires review.


Unity™ was developed to take advantage of today’s technological breakthroughs in virtualization and global software development. It runs on virtual servers tied to individual microprocessor cores which work in tandem to give Iris unprecedented scalability and speed. 

Iris’ virtual-machines process divide work amongst each of its units, then collect the product from each and organize it into its proper order. For example, a quad-core processor can run up to four processing servers simultaneously and complete a unified task at a much higher rate of speed.

As a result of its commitment to virtualization, Iris can process electronic documents much faster than its competitors.

Preserving and safeguarding the integrity of client data is paramount; thus Iris’ infrastructure and processing environment is a SAS-70 Type II certified, highly restricted, scalable environment and designed in accordance with electronic data processing best practices and quality control procedures.  

Foreign Languages

Iris’ proprietary technology can not only display, search and process in more than 150 different languages, including Chinese Japanese, and Korean, it can automatically detect the language of origin and index the document accordingly, allowing for more efficient searching and more effective assigning of documents. Iris is capable of processing languages in several Unicode formats in addition to non-Unicode single and double-byte formats. Furthermore, Iris’ intelligent searching processes are capable of adjusting terms to be run over left to right, right to left, and other language-specific syntax.  

Electronic Files 

Iris has engineered its process and technology to handle any type of document—even system and proprietary files—in addition to the standard Microsoft Office applications and other common formats such as as Acrobat, HTML and text files. Iris can also limit its process to only include user-created files on a per custodian basis.   

Unity™ also interfaces seamlessly with Iris’ revolutionary review platform Unify™, to limit “touches” of data between processes.


Iris Project Managers and Consultants work with clients to determine the optimal form of production for their case based on the expectations of opposing parties; court or regulatory-mandated requirements; the relative risk of inadvertent production; difficulties in redacting and tracking of native files; and the relative costs and burdens involved. 

Native Productions 

Production in a “native” format can be cost effective, as file conversion becomes unnecessary. Native productions, however, also provide access to all associated metadata so an additional level of review is necessary as such metadata could contain privileged information that should not be shared. Iris works with its clients to mitigate this risk and is familiar with the requirements of regulatory bodies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission and divisions of the Department of Justice. Iris’ native production services include the following: 

Reconstitution of PST, NSF and other container files

  • Scrubbing of metadata within native files
  • Naming native files with client-specified production numbers 
  • Hybrid productions to support redactions and minimize cost of converting large files such as spreadsheets and presentations

Image Productions

Iris works with its clients to ensure that the best process is selected for each individual matter, and privileged and irrelevant information is never disclosed.  

Iris: One Company, One Solution
Iris clients can rely on one provider for all areas of litigation support. Iris has expertise in all phases of discovery, and has experience and proprietary technology for steps that other providers outsource such as computer forensics, filtering, culling and online review. All of Iris’ technologies include flexible interfaces and are scalable enough to handle any size matter, reducing both cost and risk since data need not be transferred between providers. As a truly international provider—with operations throughout the U.S., Asia and Australia—Iris can handle projects in any language or any international complexity. The result is a single company with a single integrated solution to handle any litigation support need, anytime and anywhere in the world. Iris Data Services: One Company, One Solution

Keywords: Iris

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