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By: Iris Data Services  09-12-2011
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Predictable, Defensible, Cost Effective Legal Review Services
Attorney Document Review from Iris Data Services

Iris’ Attorney Document Review provides legal review of client document sets for several client-established criteria including relevance, responsiveness, privilege, levels of confidentiality, and case-specific issue tags.  Our review staff is comprised entirely of licensed attorneys, and review teams are led by experienced project managers who have had years of first-hand experience overseeing document reviews that span numerous industries and jurisdictions, undertaken for both small and large cases.

Iris’ Document Review Minimizes Exposure by…
  • Our formal process is tried and proven to deliver accurate results
  • Our process is auditable and defensible
  • Our use of licensed attorneys improves the quality of review
  • 24/7 availability to answer questions and avoid delays

Iris’ Document Review Minimizes Expense by…

  • our planning processes emphasizes the most efficient progress through the review possible
  • the training and preparation of our review teams increases their individual efficiency
  • our interaction with the other teams within Iris gives us an advantage in planning and managing the review
  • using the best talent makes our reviews more efficient, thus saving time & money

Our Professionals.
Iris recognizes that, of all the steps along the path of eDiscovery, document review is the most human-intensive.  This fact leads to greater expense, but can also be the key to process innovation and superior service.

We take time to carefully examine the staff we bring to our document reviews.  From recruiting reviewers through evaluating their performance on projects, Iris seeks to find those candidates best suited for in-depth legal review and who will be dedicated to producing the best work product for our clients.  Iris tests candidates to help determine their aptitude for this work and monitors reviewer execution and progress throughout the course of reviews in order to improve performance.All of this is done in an atmosphere designed to let our reviewers know that they are part of a larger team striving to serve the client.  As an extension of your litigation support team, Iris reviewers are always held to the utmost level of professionalism and performance.Iris is also committed to the continuing education of the attorneys who conduct document review. Both during and outside of review engagements, we strive to keep our workforce on the cutting edge of eDiscovery techniques and practices.

Cost Savings.
Document reviews are often handled in one of two ways: 1) by pulling law firm associates away from other work and the training necessary for them to best fulfill their role within the firm; or 2) hiring contract attorneys to be managed in house by a corporate client. Either method is very costly, both in time and money, and neither gives significant focus to the efficiency and quality that can be gained by a dedicated workforce.

At Iris, our management and training lead to a legal team uniquely adept to the task for a fraction of the cost.  And our workforce is specifically trained in legal review—in a sense, they are document review experts which reduces ramp-up times and learning curves, saving more time and money.  And we utilize the latest review technologies, constantly improving the organization and speed of our review. By taking advantage of Iris expertise, clients can ensure themselves a better, more defensible work product, as well as lower eDiscovery costs.The expertise of our professionals doesn’t end with our review team.  Iris gains efficiency by having our end-to-end services housed together in our corporate headquarters where review teams can communicate directly with all our service teams—Forensics, Project Management and Production.  The ability to manage a collection, manipulate the data and craft a review approach with superior case insight allows our review team to be faster, more accurate, and more efficient.  Even our remote review services benefit from the direct contact they have with the Iris team members who handle other steps of the EDRM process.

Our Process.
Iris’ efficient approach to document review brings to bear a level of expertise in the review process that is not found with other providers.  We work with you from early in the process to ensure the smooth operation of the review.  We aid in drafting a review protocol, setting up the actual review site, and advising you on an approach to the review that will eliminate repetitious and extraneous work that often comes from a poorly organized review.

Iris employs a formalized document review methodology that ensures that our review teams are following the same process each time they perform a review. What this means for the client is a level of dependability formerly unavailable in the world of contract review.  When clients need predictable results, Iris delivers.Our process includes quality control, sampling the reviewed document set to ensure conformity to the protocol delivered by the client. This QC process is not in place simply to find individual errors, but to assess trends and to identify areas for improvement in the protocol, the process, and reviewer performance.  Our approach emphasizes continuous improvement—not just during our engagement with you, but project over project, honing what we do to deliver a better product.Our approach begins with focusing on the education of our review teams on both the case at hand and the tools and procedures used in the course of the review.  The superior knowledge of the teams and the experienced oversight by Iris’ review managers lead to a faster and more accurate review than what is typically seen in contract review engagements.  Our reviewers’ familiarity with the tools and procedures they will use also lowers the incidence of errors attributable to simple human mistakes—mistakes often made when teams do not understand their workflow, their instructions, or the review platform employed in the engagement.Iris commits itself to the highest customer service possible, including working to reduce customer costs in the eDiscovery process.  We are always looking for ways to leverage our technological expertise to make our human processes more efficient, and thus, less costly to the client.  Whether it is iterative search techniques used throughout the review, or the advanced culling done by our data teams prior to review, Iris maximizes the efficiency of our experience in forensics, eDiscovery, and document review to make the process smooth and affordable for our clients, while delivering an accurate and defensible product.

Iris: One Company, One Solution
Iris clients can rely on one provider for all areas of litigation support. Iris has expertise in all phases of discovery, and has experience and proprietary technology for steps that other providers outsource such as computer forensics, filtering, culling, attorney document review, and online review. All of Iris’ technologies include flexible interfaces and are scalable enough to handle any size matter, reducing both cost and risk since data need not be transferred between providers. As a truly international provider—with operations throughout the U.S., Asia and Australia—Iris can handle projects in any language or any international complexity. The result is a single company with a single integrated solution to handle any litigation support need, anytime and anywhere in the world. Iris Data Services: One Company, One Solution.

Keywords: data services, Iris, Litigation Support

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