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By: Ipmobilecard  09-12-2011
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IPMobileCard program is very versatile and has many different business applications and can be well suited for a number of different business models. Below is a partial listing of some of the Products and Services. Tell us about your business and let us put our imagination and innovation to work for you to create new profit opportunities.

Our Prepaid Phone Card program has the most robust debit platform in the industry, specifically suited to the offering and management of prepaid phone cards. Complete with multiple originating and terminating carriers and all the management and reporting tools to be highly competitive and profitable.PROMOTIONAL CARDS
IPMobileCard customers can produce their own promotional phone card products, generating pins in any denomination and customizing each program with pre and post pin announcements.


Particularly suited for subscription long distance plans, your IPMobileCard account can provide all the billing tools and call detail records for both domestic and international post-paid long distance services. For online web sales, IPMobileCard customers can present in real-time full customer CDR and billing data.
Broadband Phone
Just like your regular telephone service, but better.

PC to Phone
Make phone calls from your PC

PC to Phone provides local, long distance and international calling using your PC and any dial-up or broadband Internet connection.

This application is targeted for the mobile phone user allowing them to text message the switch to initiate a call between their wireless phone and any other land or mobile phone in the world. Once the message is received, the switch then calls both parties back simultaneously so they can talk.

A high-tech version of international call back. Users simply go to your Web Call site, and enter their user name/password. Once logged in they can initiate calls by simply typing in the number they want to talk from and the number they want to talk to - anywhere in the world. The platform receives the instructions and then simultaneously calls back both parties allowing them to talk. Each account is issued a pin # which you control decrementing.

Virtual Calling Cards
Toll-Free access numbers available in North America

Whether you’re traveling, out for lunch or the internet is simply not available, your IPMobileCard account is always with you. Virtual Calling Card is an option that allows you to use your Account Balance to make calls via Toll-Free numbers in North America.

Keywords: Promotional Phone, Promotional Phone Card,