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By: Ionic Balancer  09-12-2011

The World's Most Powerful Ionic Detox Foot Spa

The Ionic Body Balancer ™ is a highly effective DRUG FREE gentle, and effective way to detoxify, cleanse and balance the Whole Body by using Negative Ions to gently pull toxins out of the body through the 2000+ pores in the feet.

Purchasers have also reported elimination of pain in their shoulders, elbows and arms by placing their forearm & hand in the spa tub, instead of their feet.

Using this system, cells are energized by the ions to release oils, acids, heavy metals, fats, cellular debris, and other toxins which have accumulated in your body's tissues, joints and over your lifetime.

As your body becomes detoxified, cleansed and balanced , you will experience a feeling of well being, increased energy and improved mental clarity.


T his technology can also eliminate parasites and pinworms, as well as nicotine from the tissue and joints, even of people who have quit smoking years earlier.



By charging  the water in a foot tub with a mild current slightly stronger, and the opposite polarity of, the Lymphatic System's Fluid, it gently pulls clogged, toxic material from the Vessels and Nodes of your Lymph System.

This supports the Lymph system's function of making T-Cells allowing the Immune System to fight disease and chronic illness. Think of this system as weight training for your Immune System!

Just a few minutes of treatment every third day can..

REDUCE PAIN AND SUFFERING.  People suffering from Chronic Illness, Auto Immune Diseases, Arthritis, Gout, Edema, Neuropathy, Migraine Headaches, Parasitic Infections, Gall Bladder and Liver ailments have  reported benefit from treatment with this system.

REDUCE BRAIN FOG. As Candida and parasites die, they throw off a Neuro Toxin which causes difficulty concentrating and lack of mental clarity. Purchasers report these symptoms are less severe when receiving treatments with this system.

ENHANCE CHELATION THERAPY.  Treatments by this system will help the body rid itself of Heavy Metals and other toxins  released by both Oral and IV Chelation Therapy.

Why should you choose the Ionic Body Balancer™?

              . . . our exclusive advanced ion generating technology

The Ionic Body Balancer ™ was the FIRST, and still the ONLY Ionic Detox Spa that uses Aerospace technology in the design of it's Ion Generators (patent pending), which moves past the original "ring" water modules that ALL systems have used since the Q2 was introduced in Australia over a decade ago.

What does that mean?

Until now, virtually every detox foot spa produced,  has used "Ring" type water "Modules" to generate Ions in the foot tub water.   Ring water modules use spaced and stacked metal flat washers (rings), with wires connecting them to a Direct Current (DC) power source.

Here is the key to understanding and comparing our systems to others. When this technology is working, the ion generators create Electrolysis to deconstruct a very small amount of the tub water into Hydrogen and Oxygen. That process creates Negative Ions (hopefully NEGATIVE ions, or else you will put toxins back INTO your body)  next to the rings in the water. "Next to the Rings", not "All throughout the tub of water".

"Next to the Rings", not "All throughout the tub of water".

All other systems rely on Osmosis for the Negative Ions to spread through the tub water. Our system differs in that our "Arrays" create a "Flow" or stream which moves away from the Array circulating the Negative Ions throughout the tub water. This patent pending design Ionizes the water over 400% faster than all other systems! We call this DynaFlow™ technology.

Red China, Prison Labor and Scrap Metal

Recently a whole new crop of systems made in Communist China using Prison Labor and ring water modules has sprung up. Their water modules are made from Scrap Metal imported from US. Even if you have no problem buying something made with slave labor,   in factories owned by the Red Army, or made with scrap metal, using obsolete Ion generators (rings), there are other reasons buying those systems is a bad investment of your money.

Fir Belts, LED readouts, and Buttons

People have asked us why our systems do NOT use Fir Belts, Digital LED readouts, adjustment buttons, Ph test papers, timers, etc. The answer is: our systems DO NOT NEED them to work properly!

Those systems operate at between 1.7 amps and 2.1 amps with current between 10 volts and 15 volts.  Our systems operate at 8 Amps to 14 Amps, depending on the model, and 14 volts.

Our systems produce 400% to 700% more power than those systems!

Those systems also NEED the fir belt to get such low power to travel into the body. The Fir Belt is simply a Ground needed to coax their system's weak current out of the Tub Water and into the Body. Our systems do NOT NEED the fir belt to work!

The digital readouts and buttons on those systems are NEEDED to "dial in" a balance of amps vs. volts to get the systems to work - at all! The Ph test papers is to help determine the correct settings AND the amount of salt to use in the water. WHAT A PAIN!

With our systems, you just add a teaspoon of  Himalayan Sea Salt, put your feet in the water, turn the unit on, and sit back to enjoy the BEST Detox treatment found ANYWHERE.  No fiddling is required to get a GREAT Treatment!

Why Don't the other systems use more power?

Because they can't. We have tested their arrays with our power units. They burn out in less than 5 treatments! They are just too shoddy and do not have enough  mass in them to get substantial results. They WILL cause Endorphins in the brain to be released which causes a slight feeling of euphoria, but not much detox takes place!

Also, given the Chinese systems all use the same logic boards, producing systems with more power would cost more to manufacture. Why spend more money if they can sell them as they are, to unsuspecting Americans?

The sad truth is that MOST Detox systems on the market today have LESS POWER than a 10 year old LAPTOP  NOTEBOOK used!

They make people feel good DURING the treatment session, but do little Detoxing or Healing.

Our Systems help Sick and Hurting people get SERIOUS relief FAST!

WHY explain all this?

We want our potential customers to be informed before they make a $200 or a $2,000 mistake.

By helping explain how this technology works, we can more clearly explain why the Ionic Body Balancer™ is a better choice for most poeple in the market for this technology. I promise, we did NOT bribe those scores of buyers to say all the wonderful things about our system in the Feedback they posted!

The Ionic Body Balancer™ was designed for sick and/hurting people needing Serious Detoxing FAST!

Professional Health Practitioners Told us What They Needed

Talking to people experienced in  providing Detox Foot Spa Treatments told us that the existing ring type systems were perfect except:

. . . that the ion generators (ring water modules) were far too cheap and lightweight.

. . . not enough salt could be put in the water to 'help' the ions spread faster without burning up the small, lightweight water modules coming out of China.

. . . they did not have enough power to really do much in less than 10 treatments.

. . . the ion generators needed a better design, to be able to use stronger DC current AND to somehow transport the Ions all around the tub water and into the feet faster.

. . . and the whole thing should cost no more than $500-700, or much less if possible.

Aside from those issues, the average $1,500 detox spa was perfect they said.

Why should you choose the Ionic Body Balancer™?

                  . . . our exclusive advanced ion generating technology

The Ionic Body Balancer ™ does NOT use a ring type water module, or rolled steel bent into "U" or "W" shapes made from scrap metal we sell to China, or mail box flag looking strips of copper, or something that looks like a high school metal shop project.

The Ionic Body Balancer ™ uses an exclusive,  patent pending , Ion Generating Array based on the same concept which makes air flowing over a jetliner's wing literally pull it  into the air, and the entire plane with it.

Something as old as the Wright brothers; as Elegant as the SR-71 Blackbird.



We use only the FINEST materials in our systems!

The Ion Generators in our Ionic Array are two (2) sets of parallel Marine Grade Stainless Steel square bars welded together by a cross member. We call them Ion Generator Bars , or The Array Bars , The Bars .

Pictured above is our 7th generation, free standing Ionic Array . Also shown are our top of the line Cable Set , or simply Cables . We offer an optional clear plastic holder for the array to rest in, but it is a purely cosmetic touch some people seem to like.

We use only 100% Oxygen Free Wire in our cables. That is not doorbell wire amigo.

The plugs that fit into the Power Unit are plated in 24k Gold for maximum electrical conductivity. The clips that attach to the Array are SOLID COPPER with an anti-corrosion plating.

Two marine grade stainless steel bars, various nylon fasteners + a skilled assembler who understands "they have to be a certain distance apart, AND level so they can stand up in the water" = one of our DynaFlow™ Arrays .

"This Design Project was one of those 'easier said than done' challenges which turned into a labor of love when we saw how much the prototypes helped sick and hurting people".

Casas Adobes Design

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