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By: Invisu  09-12-2011
Keywords: Scientific Visualization

VU is the most popular software of our line of products in scientific visualization. It combines performance, configurability and respect of the computed numerical data.

Its main features are:
  • Structured, unstructured and hybrid meshes
  • Scalar, vector and symmetric tensor fields
  • Non-restricted number of solution fields
  • Cutting planes at arbitrary orientations, indicated by the user or modified interactively
  • Combination of different fields of the solution as mathematical expressions
  • Isosurfaces of any variable or any mathematical expression defining a secondary variable
  • On-the-fly calculation and interactive control of streamlines and particles injection
  • Integration across the boundaries of blocks or meshes
  • Reading and animation of several files to study transient phenomena, to follow the evolution of an adaptive mesh or to illustrate the parametric study of the solution.
Some functions of VU can be called by user programs in order to:
  • read user-specific file formats,
  • interpolate a solution for specification of initial conditions on a second mesh,
  • share data in memory between VU and a program (solver, mesher, etc.) for visual monitoring.

Keywords: Scientific Visualization

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VUChem offers the advanced features of VU for the visualization of molecules and the analysis of numerical data such as electronic density, electronic localization function, etc. A light version of VUChem offers the same features for data files of no more than 1 million elements. Display of the atoms according to the covalent or the van der Waals radius. Automatic display of bonds according to the van der Waals radius.


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Visual monitoring: sharing of data in memory between our software and a solver or a mesher, for visual monitoring and steering of ongoing computations. InVisu offers cost-effective services to provide custom versions of our software specifically tailored for your needs. Creation of new data representations or new ways of visualizing data according to the application field.