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By: Invisible Structures  09-12-2011
Keywords: parking, Grass, Erosion Control

Combine all our products or use them separately for stormwater treatment, sustainable development, economic savings, or for purely aesthetic reasons.

The highly efficient and easy to install Driancore2 system can be installed in Sports Fields, foundation drainage, "green" vegetative roofs, pet areas, and more. Draincore2 can move more than twice the volume of water versus pipe, at a third the installation time.

Containing gravel, remaining porous, reducing dust, and adding beauty to a site ar some of the benefits to Gravelpave2. Gravelpave2 pervious pavement system can withstand unlimited traffic volumes at low speed for use in Parking lots, trails, utility roads, driveways, and more.

Slopetame2 combines the immediate protection of a filter fabric with the permanent protection from a geomatrix and vegetation. Slopetame2 erosion control system is provided in connecting rolls for one complete mat system.

Provide wheelchair, stroller, automobile, and pedestrian access to beaches. Beachrings2 is a portable boardwalk system for equal access over sand and other difficult to maneuver surfaces. Beachrings2 also works over mud, grass, and rock for voting booths, cemeteries, and other areas. .

Grasspave2 porous pavement system, reinforces the root system of grass for a drivable surface. Grasspave2 is the premier flexible grass permeable paver and is perfect for beautiful fire lanes, parking lots, access roads, low-use driveways, RV parking and more.

Modular, stackable, and versatile – Rainstore3 underground stormwater storage system. Rainstore3 can be used for detention, retention, or rainwater harvesting. Rainstore3 can be stacked from 10 cm (4 inch) to 2.4 meters (7.9 ft) in 10 cm increments.


Keywords: Erosion Control, Grass, parking, Stormwater Storage

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Concordia on the Lake, Littleton, CO

Heather Scott, DHM Design, stated that the only way Jefferson County would allow the easement, was by providing Grasspave2 as a firelane. A Grasspave2 fire lane allowed for the area to be considered porous and undeveloped and the county granted the easement. The county considered Grasspave2 as a porous surface – the same as undeveloped land, thus not contributing to runoff.


Manor House, Sandy Springs, GA

Hill knew it would provide the natural elegant look with the stone edging and proved exceptionally durable. The Creek along this estate is considered a sensitive area requiring a porous surface road. Joe Gayle & Associates wanted a natural look; Mike Hill at NuStone Technology wanted tough. NuStone tried a sample area of Gravelpave2 abutting the bridge crossing the creed. Gravelpave2 keeps runoff from reaching the stream - to the left.


Lindell Blvd Residence, St. Louis, MO

Private residence wanting a natural and environmentally appealing driveway and thy chose to use Gravelpave2 permeable paving. Gravel fill inside the Gravelpave2 permeable driveway. The U-shaped driveway and side area of the residence. Photography: Andy Carrigan, Missouri Petroleum. SWT Design, Hunter Beckham Architect.


Courtcliffe Park, Hamilton, ON | Project Profiles – Invisible Structures

Prior to installing the rolls of Grasspave2, CRL Campbell prepared the subgrade, followed by placing and compacting the road base course with granular ‘A’ material. Unrolling the Grasspave2 grass paver ring-and-grid structure. Workers move the sand into the Grasspave2 grass porous paver. Grass parking lot, porous paving parking lot. Install Size: 2,350 m2 Grasspave2.