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By: Invisible Structures  09-12-2011
Keywords: parking, Grass Paver

Compacting the base course for the Grass Paver - Grasspave2

Project Name: Courtcliffe Park Redevelopment

Applications: Grass parking lot, porous paving parking lot

City: Hamilton

State/Province: Ontario

Install Date: Summer/Fall 2011

Unrolling the Grasspave2 grass paver ring-and-grid structure.

Install Size: 2,350 m2 (25,300 sq ft) Grasspave2

Address: Carlisle Road by Hwy 6, Waterdown.

Client: City of Hamilton

Designer: City of Hamilton

Contractor: CRL Campbell Construction and Devron Pipe Sales

Directions: Carlisle Road by Hwy 6, Waterdown.

Partially sand filled Grasspave2 permeable paving

Location: Driveway

Photography: Terrafix

Summary: Grasspave2 was specified in the design by the City of Hamilton and installed by CRL Campbell. Designed to withstand heavy vehicle loading and permit rainwater percolation, Grasspave2 also provides a greener appearance compared to impermeable surfaces, such as asphalt and concrete.

Workers move the sand into the Grasspave2 grass porous paver.

Prior to installing the rolls of Grasspave2, CRL Campbell prepared the subgrade, followed by placing and compacting the road base course with granular ‘A’ material. Hydrogrow, a mixture of polymer and fertilizer supplied with Grasspave2, was applied over the road base. Rolls of Grasspave2, which are 2m x 20m in length, were unrolled with the side hole fasteners aligned and connected with the side pegs of adjacent rolls. The cells were then filled with clean sharp concrete sand using rakes followed by hydroseeding. A total of 2,350sqm of Grasspave2 was installed. Within a few days, the root system began to establish itself with the grid. It is recommended that there is no traffic loading on the grass until approximately a couple of mowings after installation.

The grass paver parking lot is now ready for seeding.

Manufactured from 100% recycled flexible HDPE resin with UV inhibitors, Grasspave2 withstands repeated freeze-thaw cycles and continuous subzero temperatures without cracking. Additionally, HDPE can resist aggressive chemicals such as road salts, motor oils and fuels. Combined with a standard compacted road base material and sand that fill the cells, Grasspave2 can support 39,273 KPa (5,700psi) of loading.

Germination one week after seeding.

The completed grass paver parking lot is nearly ready for use.

Keywords: Grass Paver, parking,

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