Inventive Designers: The output innovators - dtm

By: Inventive Designers  09-12-2011

For years, merging database information into documents has been one of the most powerful functions of the discontinued OfficeVision/400 product. DTM is an XML-based System i (AS/400, iSeries) product from Inventive Designers that brings the power of Data/Text Merge to the world of e-business.

DTM brings your documents and data to the e-business world:

  • generate mass mailings and custom letters by merging database information into text documents
  • Upgrade smoothly from OfficeVision/400 without document or application rewrite
  • Create and maintain your documents from various clients like MS Word or 5250 client, and merge natively on System i

Other products and services from Inventive Designers


Inventive Designers: The output innovators - evergreen

EverGreen/400 contains an E-mail client, supporting the sending and receiving of all types of e-mail messages, including MIME attachments. Work with remote servers across a LAN or dial-up connection. An impressive set of API's into native AS/400 applications. Access to calendars of Lotus Domino for AS/400.


Inventive Designers: The output innovators - services

To ensure a rapid and seamless deployment of the Inventive Designers products, a comprehensive range of consulting and technical services is available.The following pages describe the complete Inventive Designers Professional Services portfolio. Technology, such as Scriptura, DTM or IntelliStamp, enables a customer to add value to its business, but technology never lives on its own.


Scriptura Engage: more than just customer communications management

Scriptura Engage helps organizations of all sizes connect with their customers through high quality, fully personalized customer communications. Our advanced business document flow allows you to automate nearly any task based on your business processes. Use the valuable information you have on a customer to personalize every moment of contact. Scriptura Engage is used in a myriad of environments.


Inventive Designers: The output innovators - intellistamp

IntelliStamp enables you to transform your paper processes into cost effective digital processes and adds security on both paper and digital documents through the unique concept of hybrid signatures, which secure the digital document as well as a paper printout of the document.


Inventive Designers: The output innovators - products

DTM is a native System i Data/Text Merge solution, using the reliable and scalable System i platform for performing Data/Text Merge operations. Whether you need a fast ROI, reduce manual labor or enhance customer experience, our document generation solutions are built for the task. A hybrid digital signature that allows you to secure and verify authenticity of any document, whether in digital or paper form.