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By: Intrinsic Security  09-12-2011

Whether you pursue a hobby online or are simply shopping around for a bargain, Webstractor supercharges your bookmarking, collating everything in a single dynamic document.

And if anything changes online, Radar will make sure you’re the first to know.

If you use the Internet to follow multiple companies or sectors, Webstractor Radar can track and retrieve the information you need, automatically.

These resources can then be prepared for presentation quickly and easily, in your preferred style.

Webstractor protects sources by remembering everywhere you search and copying everything you find – even if it subsequently disappears online.

Familiar word processing tools make editing down or adding to your findings simple too.

Webstractor can archive web sites, references, and resources exactly as you find them on the Internet.

If you’re involved in web design, you can also view the HTML source of any page you’ve captured at any time.

Webstractor is perfect for student handouts, letting you collate multiple web pages in a single document.

With its advanced search and editing capabilities, it’s also useful for creating, maintaining and sharing highly specialized academic web archives.

Categorize all your web research in a single offline document, safe from source changes on the internet.

And let Webstractor put the finishing touches to your work, adding a table of contents and bibliography at the touch of a button.

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