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By: Intrinsic Security  09-12-2011

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If your enterprise is thinking about switching to the Mac, call us today.

Don't let our shiny games fool you.

When they first discover illumineX, enterprise customers are usually surpised to see that we make software for the Mac. Don't let that fool you.

illumineX has provided years worth of senior systems architect and systems integration services to large federal government agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

Our engineers and systems integration architects mean serious enterprise business.

Don't let Apple fool you.

Apple doesn't have an army of sales people who visit your office once a week beating the bushes for opportunities to help you.

But they do have a better mouse trap.

How much better? One of our clients visited the Apple campus to discuss the possibility of migrating their laptop fleet to the MacBook and MacBook Pro, over 10,000 systems, but still only a quarter of their total PC fleet. Their internal evaluations had shown that the MacBook line was a much better price/performance deal, and they planned to run Windows on the units. They wanted an example of another large enterprise that used Macs, so Apple briefed them. Of course, the example company used Mac OS X, and for a few moments, the conversation drifted to the prospect of switching the enterprise to Mac OS X.

The customer asked for some details on the size of the helpdesk and a few other system image related groups in the case study. The client was shocked. Where our client could barely keep up with 160 people, the case study company had about 20 or so. Adjusting for the fact that the customer had twice as many employees, and adding a margin in case the comparrisons were off, the customer was still obviously burning precious headcount by using Windows. They had at least fifty people who clearly spent too much time on problems that simply do not exist on Mac OS X: talking users through re-imaging to recover from viruses, recovering from software installs, recovering from "bit rot", and all that. Now they had an idea of exactly how much overhead using Windows was really costing them.

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