By: Into Thin Air  09-12-2011

Give your guests an experience that is not available anywhere else; an opportunity to participate in An Evening of Paranormal Activity led by mentalist and séance expert Jeff Richards.

Jeff has been called "the most controversial mentalist in Canada" by the National Post – thanks to his work in the paranormal and séances conducted in some of Canada’s most haunted locations.

People are naturally interested in the unknown. In An Evening of Paranormal Activity and under experienced and professional guidance, participants are engaged in activities like: seances, EVP experiments, using EMF meters, Ouija boards and pendulums. These experiences are designed so participants leave each event thoroughly thrilled and entertained.

Each evening begins with a brief introductory workshop designed to show attendees how to use their intuition, identify cold spots and work with pendulums and other ghost hunting devices. Guests will also be introduced to seance practices through history, seance protocol and etiquette. Contact will then be attempted where anything can happen.

Please note: manifestations are not guaranteed.

NEW!!! Experience a recording taken LIVE during an attempted seance in 2009.

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Jeff Richards was a thrilling and mind-blowing change from ordinary entertainment" - Jarrett Henry, Greenall High School. You demonstrated professionalism and determination and amazed our clients night after night. H ere's what just a few clients have said about Jeff Richards. Janelle Galenzoski, RBC Dominion Securities.



In the comfort of your own home Jeff will show you the path that lie before you, and open the door to human intuition. Using his own intuitive abilities Jeff Richards will lead your group in an exploration to discover these answers. Since the dawn of mankind people sought answers to questions in their lives. Intuition is a natural ability that everyone possesses.



They are given an experience that will grab them from the moment Jeff Richards walks onto the stage and doesn’t let go until the stunning ending. The ultimate example of intuition closes the show as Jeff accurately predicts very specific events from the day of the show. Their minds take center stage as they quickly realize that their thoughts are no longer their own.


Private Parties

In a one hour performance Jeff Richards will take your guests through demonstrations which showcase the untapped potential of the human mind. This option is perfect for the small home party ranging from 10 – 25 guests (although Jeff can customize for any event you may have). Throughout the hour long performance Jeff will weave the personal experiences and information of the audience into the presentation.