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By: Intersponse  09-12-2011
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Step One - The Agreement. Web properties that generate millions of unique visitors per day, agree to sell a portion of their traffic to us and our partners, at a pre-determined rate per visit, per day, per thousand, or on a "bid" basis. The Ad Delivery method is determined (i.e. visitor redirect to your website upon entry to the Web Property, upon Exit from the Web Property, During the Visit, upon Keyword or Contextual Match, Channel or Target Match, etc.), along with other criteria. The prices for the Web Property visitors are based on the quality of the site, the content, traffic volume and property name or brand recognition.  Hence, a site like would command a higher price for its visitors than :-).

Step Two - The Web Properties. After the Agreement has been made with the Webmasters that own or manage the Web Properties, the Webmasters insert a few lines of Java or HTML code on the pages of the Web Properties. The Webmasters agree to maintaining certain standards of quality, and any recourse, discounts or credits to us and our clients in the event those standards are not met or kept. The Web Properties are now linked to a growing Network of Traffic generating sites.. the "web" within the "Web".

Step Three - The "Clearinghouse". Very similar to a major search engine, our system constantly "Spiders" these Web Properties. Depending on whether the property is configured for PPS I™, PPS II ™, PPS III ™ or PPS Complete ™, the spiders will detect changes in the web property, monitor visitors' searching, surfing or reading habits. The spiders also track and monitor other user patterns or inputs to determine if there is a "match" between what the Internet user is seeking vs. any products or services that your sell on your site. It also acts as accountant, payor, payee, scheduler, distributor and tracker, processing millions of "transactions" per day.

During the course of competitive bidding and forecasting our anticipated demand for Precision Profiling System™ traffic in certain categories or channels, we may miscalculate the demand or may commit to purchase traffic at a future date from well known web properties. These excess purchases and "over-buys" create a huge buying opportunity for you. If your website does not require exact keyword, channel or category-specific traffic, this service is for you. These are HIGH QUALITY Website Visitors at a low cost. Our Run-Of-Network U.S. Targeted Traffic is the PERFECT solution for many online businesses. If you're unsure, contact us for assistance.

Step Four - Your Promotion. The Run-Of-Network Visitors are then redirected to your Website.  If your website targeting needs do not require our Precision Profiling System™ services, Run-Of-Network traffic is for you.

Step Five - $$$$$. By purchasing Run-Of-Network targeted traffic, you will get quality U.S. visitors to your website at a lower cost, allowing you to purchase higher volumes of this quality website traffic. Ideal for businesses that require genuine visitors of a more general nature.

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Keywords: Internet User, Precision Profiling,

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