By: Internet Identity  09-12-2011
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Empirical data about the trustworthiness of various Internet locations is invaluable for protecting an organization’s extended enterprise.  Usually, this valuable reputation information is highly fragmented, scattered across disparate sources or locked up in high-cost proprietary product/system solutions.  All of which makes coordinated brand control and security management difficult.

IID’s ActiveKnowledgeTM provides a comprehensive, centralized and continuously refreshed list of the latest malicious (or compromised) IP addresses, domains, hostnames and e-mail accounts. The result is a constant stream of Internet Presence Reputation (IPR) data that enables an organization to detect and protect against malware infections, identify potential sources of data loss, and limit security breaches across both its networks and those of extended enterprise partners.

The TRACE framework determines the value of any IPR data, and it’s a framework that IID strongly adheres to:

Timeliness – How fresh is the data?  IID’s team constantly monitors for malicious activity 24/7, delivering vital data almost instantly.

Responsibility – Does the data provider stand behind its data?  IID does.

Accuracy – Is the data clean and reliable?  All ActiveKnowledge data is collected and analyzed by a senior IID team that has been detecting malicious activity on the Internet for a dozen years. None of the core data analyzing is outsourced.

Comprehensiveness – How much of the whole picture are you getting?  In addition to unique datasets it develops internally, IID aggregates data from a variety of highly respected industry experts, security companies, ISPs, open sources, and its own clients, meaning ActiveKnowledge data is the most comprehensive possible.

Efficiency – Is the dataset designed for speed of deployment? ActiveKnowledge data is utterly straightforward, leaving little in the way for interpretation, and custom-packaged for easy integration into an organization’s protective systems. This means no wasted effort and more time to stop cyber crime.

Keywords: Security

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