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With decades of cumulative experience in the manufacture of precisely formulated GOAT ANTISERA for the IMMUNODIAGNOSTICS industry, IIC is a valuable resource for your off-site production of high quality immune sera or plasma.

IIC offers customers the ability to control a program for antisera production, yet we are capable and willing to provide assistance at any phase of the program.  Our retained veterinarian services ensure the health and well-being of the animals managed at our USDA approved facility.  Animals admitted to our site are screened, tested for presence of virus infection, vaccinated, and tagged (electronic identifications).

With your antigen (Certificate of Analysis required), IIC will immunize animals following your protocol.  IIC can provide samples of test plasma/sera at selected intervals in the immunization schedule.  After your initial evaluation of test material, IIC can adjust the program or provide you with production scale material per your direction.  If required, IIC can perform additional processing of bulk material in order to provide the desired product. 

We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your custom antiserum requirements.

Price Considerations for Custom Contract Programs

As an example to be used for planning purposes, the following information is supplied and considers use of your immunogen for a 9 month custom contract program of 2 goats that produce up to12 Liters of custom plasma (Further volume discounting available):

Initiation Fee - $200.00 each animal                                 $400.00

(includes cost of purchasing the animal,

initial test screening, vaccination(s),

and tagging)

Maintenance Fee - $2.00 per day each animal            $1,080.00

(board and care)

Immunizations - $10.00 each                                       

(Initial and 8 boosts)                                                             $180.00                                         

Test Bleed - $10.00 each                                                        

(~5 ml plasma, taken after week 16 and week 20)           $40.00

Production Bleed - $.50 per ml                                        $6,000.00 (12 Liters Plasma)

(Provided to customer as plasma.  Serum

provided upon request for additional charge.

Further processing and characterization

available per agreement)

Termination Fee - $100.00 each animal                           $200.00

Total (2 goats, 9 month standard program)                   $7,900.00

There are only a few limitations to our contract production services.  Contract programs should be a minimum length of 9 months in duration.  All Immunogen shall be certified by the customer as nonpathogenic and non-infectious.  All Custom Contract Programs initiated by IIC must receive approval from our Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).  And shipping costs are to be paid for by the customer.

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Keywords: Animals

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All antisera and antibodies are intended for FURTHER MANUFACTURE only, and are not supplied for direct use in any diagnostic or therapeutic applications. Affinity Purified and IgG Fractionated antibodies are provided as a liquid containing 0.09% Sodium Azide and 0.01M EDTA unless otherwise noted. IIC products are not for human or animal consumption. Analysis for recommended storage conditions.



Serum or plasma donor units used in the production of IIC calibrators/controls are tested and found negative for Hbs Ag, HCV antibody and HIV I/II antibody by FDA approved methods. Apo AI 125 - 145 mg/dL.