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By: Interactive Communication And Training  09-12-2011

Since 1993, IACT has led the way in digital patient education. Today, our new centralized web server again blazes a path to the next generation of convenience and affordability

    Savings on Satellite Offices
  • Our centralized server allows us to extend the service from your site license to another location. This means you can install the program at a satellite office and access your software without purchasing another license, saving you time and money.
    Consistent User Experience
  • Our server synchronizes versions and customizations across your workstations and offices, providing a consistent user experience without the need to maintain a server in one office and maintain a connection to your other offices!
    No Hassles
  • No keys! No on-site server! No WAN or VPN! Our technology takes the burden off of yours!

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Since orthodontic case presentations involve visual/spatial concepts, motivating patients to start and participate during treatment can be challenging without the use of visual aides. CasePresenter Orthodontics helps both doctors and treatment coordinators quickly and effectively connect with each new patient. Dr. Tom Griffin pioneered this genre of software for use in his own practice in 1993.


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At IACT, we are committed to making a difference in your new patient process, and believe training and customization assistance are essential to deliver on that promise. For this reason, every IACT license purchase includes consultative training to ensure you receive a rapid and ongoing return on your investment.


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The IACT Service Plan gives you the best level of service and support, protecting your investment by ensuring the program always operates when you need it, at a reasonable and predictable cost. With our friendly, knowledgeable and hands-on approach, you’ll spend less time on the phone, and more time serving your patients. Ensures your content is consistent with contemporary orthodontic techniques. Free Content Upgrades with Version Insurance.


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The program offers a series of multimedia movies that are highly effective in training new patients and increasing the effectiveness of clinical assistants. If your practice is like most, you probably don't recoup the majority of expenses associated with extra appointments and extended treatment time. Even when patients create their own problems, prolonged treatment has a negative impact on patient satisfaction and referrals.