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By: Intellitix  09-12-2011

The opportunities that social media present an event environment are quite literally immense. By linking social media profiles to an event-goer's RFID device, you and your brand partners are promoted extensively to the wider digital world, with each interaction proven to result in up to 1,000 page impressions online.

By connecting friends through social media, audience members can interact across the site, while engagement points allow them to share their experience online. Possibilities include check in points, like posts, photo upload stands, competition zones and digital reward areas, while custom-built measurement dashboards allow you to gauge how far that excitement has spread beyond your gates.

The benefits include:

  • Organisers are able to connect directly via social media before, during and after the event.
  • Unique and exciting opportunities for event, brand and artist engagement.
  • Facebook profiles linked with mobile festival apps fully integrate the physical event space with the digital world.
  • Check in points, 'like' signs, surveys and reward areas allow your audience to share its excitement online.
  • Detailed measurement dashboards let you gauge exactly where and how far your message is spreading.
  • Your audience becomes 'event ambassadors' allowing savings on marketing and promotional costs.
  • Integration with off site partners (transport providers, city areas, venues etc.) becomes a possibility, extending the event brand.

Knowing more about who your ticket-buyer is, what they like and how they interact with your event gives you access to detailed analytics that can help refine marketing campaigns, incentivize and reward. Read on for more.

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Intellitix | Services - mobileapplications

Imagine your audience being able to find their friends or family at the touch of a button, sending 'virtual' drinks to welcome each other on site, instantly upgrading to VIP packages and buying event dollars in seconds, using their phone to validate entry and all the while tweeting or posting updates on Facebook, promoting your event online.


Intellitix | Services - staffmanagement

Effectively managing event staff is a major concern for event organizers, but using Intellitix active RFID tags and software, resource management just got a whole lot easier. With different levels of access, backstage areas can be completely secured, reducing security risks and eliminating opportunists. Through real time monitoring of staff location, organizers can identify problem areas, or redirect resources as needed.


Intellitix | Services - audienceprofiling

Imagine knowing who every member of your audience is, where they're from, who likes a particular band or theme park ride, who prefers beer over wine, who prefers Twitter to Facebook, who left early.. The possibilities are as endless as the benefits: Refined marketing campaigns, loyalty discounts, personalized offers or incentives, or just simply knowing how best to communicate and when.


Intellitix | Services - brandactivation

From social media check in zones at brand areas on site, to detailed analytics and unrivalled audience insight, Intellitix opens up entirely new opportunities for brands to more closely engage with, and relate to, event-goers. Brand partnerships are now a mainstay of the live event environment and event organizers are increasingly tasked with finding innovative and meaningful ways for them to interact.


Intellitix | Services - accesscontrol

The system gives you real time reporting, can manage unlimited additional areas such as VIP bars, and has multiple backup levels, ensuring that it never fails. Using RFID wristbands, cards or devices, our proprietary entrance portals and handheld readers can precisely and securely manage access control on site.


Intellitix | Services - cashless

By loading event dollars or credit onto an RFID wristband, card or device, organizers have complete control over revenue on site, eliminating theft and accounting discrepancies, while saving many costs associated with cash. Many events are now beginning to adopt cashless payment systems and for good reason. Cashless systems offer a more convenient and secure way to transact.