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By: Intellistick  09-12-2011
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The IntelliStick Fleet Communications Pack is hardware and software system for fleets with multiple IntelliStick systems. It includes a long range Bluetooth adapter and IntelliStick Fleet Monitor software package for "return-to-barn" and fleet maintenance operations of six or more vehicles. 

No more missed inspections or going vehicle-to-vehicle — the information is transmitted automatically to your PC. It works over a range of typically 350 feet, depending on configuration. It monitors the units on trucks in the yard in range and pulls oil condition data from them automatically. Up to 100 trucks can be monitored effortlessly.

The IntelliStick Fleet Communications Pack combines the convenience of wireless Bluetooth communications hardware with data consolidation software to easily monitor several IntelliStick units in large and small fleets of work trucks, tractors and heavy equipment.

The oil condition of each vehicle in the fleet is presented as a condition summary,and can also be view as a set of historical graphs. 

Users can manually enter additional information, such as fluid changes — time and date, amount of oil, brand and type. This information will be incorporated into the graphs for comparison of oil types and brands to determine which work best for your vehicles.

The integrated fleet reporting system allows customizable reports on the status of units in the fleet.

Keywords: Monitor

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