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Home Check-Up Inspection:

Your home is a complicated mass of interacting components. Like a car - needing regular tune-ups, maintenance and inspections your home should  have a home check-up at least every 5 years.  The benefits of a check-up include identifying deficiencies with the major components of your house, identifying safety concerns, and preventing minor deficiencies from developing into major problems.  Head-off damage to your home before it occurs and give yourself peace-of-mind about the condition of your home.

Walk-Through Inspection (no report): This is becoming increasingly popular for those who want all the benefits of a trained, knowledgeable and experienced, Certified Professional Home Inspector, aren't so concerned with a detailed report, and want the same inspection process at a greatly discounted price. This type of inspection requires you (the client) to be present during the inspection and it is highly recommended to take your own notes so as to thoroughly understand and capture the current condition of the house. This way you can enjoy the same peace-of-mind for a better price. Mold Inspection

Similar process to a Home Inspection but with a focus on moisture intrusion - thoroughly investigating a structure to determine it's current condition relative to the possibility of fungal contamination. The inspection will also provide you with a basic knowledge about the effects of indoor air quality on the integrity of your home and of course - your health and well being.
Included with this inspection is a written report and laboratory analysis detailing:

  • the air quality from samples taken inside and outside the structure using sophisticated air sampling equipment
  • results of any samples taken from suspected mold sites either through surface, bulk, swabbing or tape lift sampling methods  

Keywords: air quality, home inspection

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