Scan Doctor - fix committed filenet documents without reprinting and re-scanning, post commital repair

By: Integral Data Solutions  09-12-2011

Anyone who has worked with scanners will tell you that accidents are inevitable regardless of how hard your staff attempts to prevent them. There are several potential problems after documents are committed: Upside-down or bad scans Missed scans, due to the scan of two or more physical pages together as one digital page Missing pages that were in the original document Out-of-order scans (Pages 1, 2, and 3 are scanned as 1, 3, and 2) These mistakes cost companies tens of thousands of dollars every year in wasted staff time. Remedies to correct a scan can be cumbersome, such as finding the physical document and rescanning it. In some cases, the staff member may not have direct access to the physical file, and will have to wait while the request for the document is processed at an off-site storage center. Whatever the issue, rescanning translates to expensive downtime. Non-value added tasks are doubly expensive because of the opportunity cost involved with unproductive work. Your team could be spending time on creating a more profitable business.

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