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By: Integra  09-12-2011
Keywords: Pharmacy, Electronic Signature Capture

An innovative delivery solution specifically tailored to pharmacies managing their own delivery. With DeliveryTrack you can gain full control of your delivery process.

No more lost delivery manifests. No more hassles with proof of delivery—just a simple-to-use, cost-effective solution that will streamline your operations and provide the features most critical to self managed delivery services.

DeliveryTrack provides electronic signature capture for enhanced compliance and electronic tracking of returns for improved audit reports. Pharmacy delivery costs are significantly reduced through optimized routing, reducing excess fuel expenses and overtime pay, while tote scanning eliminates re-delivery issues.

One of the key design aspects is DeliveryTrack's internally designed synchronization engine which ensures that data collected by the handheld devices is accurately pushed back to the server in the pharmacy. DeliveryTrack contains a highly reliable communications layer, one of the most critical components in any mobile solution.

The diagram below gives you a basic view of the DeliveryTrack process. Verification checks ensure that the correct items are being delivered and that drivers are at the correct locations. This information is then synchronized back to the pharmacy server where dispatch can access.

Keywords: Electronic Signature Capture, Pharmacy,

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