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By: Intech Edm  09-12-2011

Bringing intelligence into the milling process is the intended aim of "smart machine".

This includes a range of modules that are collectively referred to under the generic term "smart machine" and that fulfil various functions. In order to make the milling process "intelligent", various requirements have to be implemented.

First of all, establishing comprehensive communication between man and machine, which makes extensive information that the operator requires to assess the milling process available to him. Secondly, supporting the operator in the optimisation of the process, which considerably improves the performance. Thirdly, the machine optimises the milling process, which improves the process safety and the quality of the workpiece - above all in unmanned operation.

smart machine construction kit system

Each of the modules of "smart machine" fulfils a specific task. Just like in a construction kit, the user can select the modules that seem to him to be the best option for improving his process.




Overview of the available smart machine modules

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