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By: Insulating Paints  09-12-2011
Keywords: roof, environmentally friendly, Water Cleanup :: Radiant Barrier Coating

Designed for use as a wall, ceiling primer Insuladd® RBC also excels in blocking heat loss and heat gain in your attic when applied to the underside of your roof. Cold basements become much more comfortable when Insuladd® RBC is applied.


  • Superior Primer Coating for Energy-Efficient Buildings
  • Non-toxic / Environmentally Friendly / Soap & Water Cleanup
  • Exceptional Durability & Adhesion
  • UV & Atmospheric Pollution Resistant
  • Easy to Apply, Fast Drying for Quick Recoat
  • Low VOC

Keywords: Energy-efficient Buildings, environmentally friendly, roof, Water Cleanup,

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09-12-2011 :: Radiant Barrier Coating - ecoat

Insuladd® Energy Coat is like putting a rubber like protective film on your roof or walls and will smooth over minor surface imperfections and cracks while protecting against driving rain. Insuladd® E-Coat can also flex over a wide temperature range (even bend 90° at -37°C), making it ideal for surfaces that will expand or contract due to heating and cooling.

09-12-2011 :: Radiant Barrier Paint Coatings

Using Insuladd® Energy Saving Paint Additive is simple by mixing it into your paint and then applying the paint using a brush, roller, or spray gun. Mixes With Any Paint To Create Radiant Barrier.

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Insuladd® Thermal Block Paint is the ideal solution for any wall or ceiling-finish application.Insuladd® Thermal Block Ceramic House Paint. Insuladd® Thermal Block Paint applies like ordinary house paint and can be applied using a brush, roller, or spray gun. Formulated for Superior ease of application and high Heat-Blocking performance.

09-12-2011 :: Radiant Barrier Coating - thermalblock

Use Insuladd® additive in your locally available house paint or Insuladd® Thermal Block ceramic house paint for your finish paint. Formulated for Safe Low VOC Heat Blocking. Creates More Energy Efficient Buildings. Fast Drying for Quick Recoat.