Supply Chain Management & Inteligence Solutions

By: Instill  09-12-2011
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ITN Solutions:

iTradeNetwork, Inc. (ITN) offers services to help you manage every piece of your supply chain. Roll your mouse over the diagram to find out more information on specific products.


Selecting the right products from the best suppliers is fundamental to your business. Our robust sourcing solutions and proven purchasing and sales applications bring new levels of speed and accuracy to the process from price discovery to payment. Short and long term demand can be aggregated, purchase orders and contracts can be negotiated quickly, and their performance monitored in real-time allowing discrepancies to be managed immediately. ITN’s Sourcing Solution is tightly integrated to forecasting, ad planning and contract management. Our tools can also provide you with key metrics used in formula pricing as well as real-time or historical market pricing, to make certain you always secure the best market price.

Spend Intelligence:

A recent study of more than 100 foodservice executives found that only 10% of manufacturers believe existing trade spend processes are effective, while more than 80% expressed concern over the accuracy of trade payments.

The ITN Trade Spend Data Management solution provides clean, timely data to enable efficient management of trade spend programs. The solution accelerates data handling processes, increases data accuracy, reduces disputes and lowers program administration costs. ITN Trade Spend Data Management provides the accurate information needed to achieve the results forecast by contract management applications.

Master Data Services:

  • Cleanse, Standardize and Enhance Client Account and Product data
  • Access to GDSN as well as partner item catalog synchronization
  • Ensure that data content standards are adhered to ongoing

Trade Intelligence:

Foodservice manufacturers traditionally have limited visibility beyond the distributor into the end customer.

iTradeNetwork’s Sales Insight solution helps sales managers gain visibility into trade spend program performance, improve purchasing compliance, identify sales growth opportunities and transform from being a vendor to their customers into a partner that can help them improve the profitability and growth of their business.

Delivered as an on-demand, web-based solution, ITN Sales Insight removes the burden from sales managers of having to sift through mounds of data, wait for others to do so for them or request information from trading partners, in order to get the critical information they need in time to make better business decisions and determine true profitability per case.

Transportation Optimization:

With the highly complex nature of the fresh supply chain, the ever-changing regulatory environment, and a focus on food safety, managing global procurement and transportation processes effectively have become strategic imperatives for executives today.

The ITN Inbound Logistics Management solution is a collaborative, on-demand solution leveraging a synchronized data foundation that helps your company reduce total costs of transportation with your trading partners. Configured as a many-to-many network with over 500 carriers, ITN's Inbound Logistics solution spans your entire logistics planning, procurement, visibility and execution processes.

Supply Chain Quality:

The ITN Quality Management solution gives companies the ability to collaborate online with their partners, providing a real-time closed-loop view of enterprise-wide quality and compliance. By unifying all quality and compliance data into one central repository, food companies can leverage robust reporting, dashboard and alert capabilities to easily identify trends, overdue actions, and other key metrics while maintaining detailed scorecards against key performance indicators (KPIs).

Contract and Rebate Management:

An effective business deal only can be measured when it’s implemented and tracked accurately Contracts need careful monitoring and management to deliver the agreed upon rebate. ITN helps you actively manage your contracts and rebates using the technology to track performance and compliance in real time.

Procurement & Merchandising:

ITN knows that the food industry operates on extremely tight margins, so getting the order-to-invoice cycle right for both you and your customers is essential to improve and maintain your bottom line. Our solution offers:

  • Collaborative Planning, Forecasting, and Replenishment
  • Collaborative Customer Order Management
  • Customized Central Buying Workflow
  • Direct Store Delivery Workflow
  • Collaborative Broker Workflow
  • Collaborative Distribution Order Management
  • Visibility to Distribution / Vendor Orders
  • Integrated Transportation & Logistics
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Integrated Price & Contract Management
  • Custom Integrations Across the Supply Chain
  • Complements Existing Systems & Processes

Inventory Management:

In today’s fast paced and competitive world maximizing margins and service levels for both buyers and suppliers is all about having the right product at the right place at the right time. ITN brings the accurate and timely data needed from across all supply chains into one tightly integrated, collaborative, and functionality rich inventory management solution. Companies can now focus on improving margins and service levels by proactively managing inventories.

Keywords: Contract Management, supply chain