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By: Instant Hr Solutions  09-12-2011
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At Instant HR Solutions, we’ve been dealing with complex HR issues for a long time, and we know what you need to do to:

  • reduce liability

  • attract and retain talent

  • solve performance problems

  • avoid expensive employee lawsuits

  • AND get results for your business

Dealing with HR issues is time consuming and a distraction from the other areas of your business that require your attention.  And handling these areas without the right expertise can increase your liability and negatively affect your business.  Consider these examples:


Without established procedures and training for interviewing, one of your managers is asking illegal interview questions and making hiring decisions that have an adverse impact and establish a pattern of discrimination against specific protected classes.
Risk: Legal actions against your organization may result caused by intentional or unintentional discrimination that is occurring within your workplace.


One of your departments has been experiencing extremely high turnover for more than a year, and now one of your key employees, who is vital to the success of your organization, is leaving to work for your competitor.  If you had conducted exit interviews with the employees who had left earlier, you would have learned that the manager of that department is a bully with terrible management skills.
Risk:  Cost of turnover PLUS the loss of a key employee to your competitor.

Harassment / Hostile Work Environment

Without documented procedures for reporting harassment, and training for managers on how to respond to complaints, a complaint by an employee is ignored by a manager and only comes to your attention when that employee files a claim with the EEOC and/or a lawsuit against your organization.
Risk: Employers are liable for the actions of their managers, whether or not the employer knew about the alleged harassment.

Time Off

Productivity is declining and temporary employee costs are increasing and you can’t figure out why.  Without a process for requesting and recording paid time off, you have no way of knowing that employees who are supposed to be eligible for 5 sick days are taking, on average, in excess of 10 sick days a year.
Risk:  Loss of productivity due to unplanned absences PLUS the cost of temporary staff and/or overtime pay to cover for absent employees.

HR Infrastructure Development

All the basics you need for a human resources department will be laid out for you.  We’ll create and implement policies and procedures for compliance, interviewing and selection, hiring, orientation, performance management, performance and salary reviews, corrective action, succession planning, training and development, retention, and separation from employment.  We’ll manage this on an ongoing basis for you, or provide training for a designated individual to handle these responsibilities going forward.

HR Projects

We’ll work with you on specific areas that you need to address - employee handbook, benefits plans, compensation review, job descriptions, employee satisfaction surveys, performance review process, internal investigation of harassment or discrimination complaints, mediation of employee/manager disagreement, disputing an unemployment claim, addressing a specific performance problem, terminating an employee, managing a mass layoff, or any other area of HR where you need help.

HR Management Services

We’ll provide ongoing support as your organization’s HR department.  We’ll manage the day-to-day HR issues that arise and serve as the point of contact for your managers, employees, insurance broker, employment attorney, recruiters and any other individuals you deal with on a daily basis.  You’ll save on the cost of a full-time employee, including the cost of salary, benefits, and payroll taxes, and you’ll get the highest level of expertise so you can be assured that your HR issues will be dealt with professionally, effectively, efficiently and correctly.

If you only have an occasional need for help with individual HR issues, use our Pay-As-You-Go HR Support service and call us only when you need us.  You’ll get the expertise that you need and pay only for the time used.

Keywords: Human Resources

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Human Resources Consulting Services | Human Resource Risk Management Services - services

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