Home Theater in the North and Northwest Suburbs

By: Inspired Electronics  09-12-2011

Is your system not working perfectly? Our experts can quickly diagnose and fix any number of problems that prevent you from enjoying or even using your entertainment electronics. Whether it’s a blown speaker, poorly programmed remote, or bad wiring, many of our clients have called us first to fix their current systems. Then they called us back to install new systems in their vacation homes or other rooms.

You deserve a system that works right. Call us today to find out why so many of our clients won't let anyone else touch their A/V systems!

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Get a better experience while saving money

With both ISF certification for video calibration and HAA certification for audio calibration, we can ensure that your system will provide the best possible audio and video experience. Whether we’ve installed your system, or you’ve had another installer put it in, or even if you’ve done it yourself, we can make your audio and video system work better. Video calibration can help your display look better, last longer, and use less electricity.


System Repair or Completion | Home Theater Chicago

Whether you’ve had a friend or family member try to hook up your system, or another installer/integrator has fallen short of your expectations, we can help you get your system back up and working for you. Do you have a home theater or distributed audio system that isn't working quite right in Hawthorne Woods, Libertyville, or Inverness. Give us the chance to make it work the way you want. An installation can go wrong.


Home Theater Installation | LCD, LED, Plasma, Flat Panel TV installation

Connect up to 5 components such as Stereo, Home Theater System, A/V Receiver, Game System, Cable/Satellite Receiver, DVR, DVD or Blu-Ray Player. Mount your TV on an interior wall (non-drywall installations are extra. Run all low-voltage cables through the wall in a single stud bay. Conduct a site survey and explain the installation. Unpack your TV and components. Flat Wall Mount for your TV.


A/V System Design | Chicago's Home Theater Experts

Whether you’re putting together a living room system or a dedicated theater, our professional design can ensure the system works the way you want. We offer design services to ensure ideal acoustics, great seating and viewing lines, and a system that is both easy to use and reliable. You can put together a home theater or other A/V or control system just by putting some components together in a room.


Client Satisfaction is our first priority

We can design your system for you, install it, calibrate it, fix it when it’s not working, and even complete jobs that someone else started but couldn’t finish. So we’ve dedicated ourselves to delivering the best service possible on all projects, regardless of how large or small.