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By: Inside Langford  09-12-2011

With the City of Langford now archiving agendas on their website (they were previously removed after the meeting occurred), Inside Langford will simply link to the agenda packages in the future rather than maintain a separate online archive of them. I’m glad to see the City of Langford finally offering this service, the minutes of a meeting contain nowhere near as much information about the proposals as the agenda packages do.

That freed up some space to add a new feature: a Westshore RCMP news feed. On the left sidebar, immediately below the recent comments, you’ll find a new feed showing the last five news releases for the Westhore RCMP.

There is one meeting this week (paired up with an in-camera meeting) with some unique proposals including allowing operation of a U-Brew business at Hull’s Corner/Langford Parkway under a temporary permit licence for 12 months), temporarily closing Rosalee Road, and a request to temporarily die Goldstream Fountain pink. There are reports on two proposed forthcoming concerts at Western Spedway, a five artist “Country and Western” concert in July, and a seventeen (yes, 17) artist event entitled “When the Legends Meet the Locals” which is planned as a first annual “1980′s style Heavy Metal and Rock” festival at Western Speedway. The 2010 Langford Annual Report makes an appearance, and there are additional proposals for Peatt Rd., Selwyn Rd., Hoylake Avenue, Jacklin Rd., Piper Rd., Hazelwood Rd., Marwood Ave., Englewood Rd., Brown Rd, Matson Rd., and much more.

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The lowest-polling winning candidate is Roger Wade with 1640 votes, and the highest-polling losing candidate is Grant McLachlan with 1219 votes. The spread between the top vote getting, and the bottom vote getting, candidate for Council tightened over 2008. Denise Blackwell topped the polls with 1960 votes, with Sean Horgan bringing up the rear at 1019.