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The experience of customers and independent research sponsored by the Association of Research Libraries give proof positive that INN-Reach is fastest, cheapest, way to share and other media. Across the board, usage of these systems continues to grow, boosting libraries' presence online, and bringing patrons back inside their doors. And to bring the same service and efficiency to e-resources, Innovative developed ArticleReach, the premier solution for consortia in the digital information age. Today, the INN-Reach family has grown to include systems throughout North America, Asia, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East.

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Law School Solutions : Innovative Interfaces

Innovative has never shied away from the toughest challenges which facing law school libraries, creating the integrated serials, acquisitions, and e-resource tools that get the job done. In the law school environment, libraries need to deliver the latest legal information easily, while managing specialized formats and a slew of government and academic sources. Add to this the need to deliver complex, rapidly growing electronic sources.


Digital Library Solutions : Innovative Interfaces

Whether it's supporting Campus Computing, access through mobile devices, or making e-resources easy to access, Innovative is there with reliable solutions for the library and its users that never stop moving. Innovative has met the challenge of reaching out to today's library user even if they are commuters or distance education students that never make it inside your walls.


Solutions for Libraries : Innovative Interfaces

For more than 20 years, Innovative has helped libraries solve their most pressing technological challenges, dramatically improving their operational efficiency and their ability to serve their users. From Ohio to Hong Kong, from Finland to South Africa, Innovative products and services ensure long-term success, even as the very definition of the library is being transformed.


Academic Solutions : Innovative Interfaces

Millennium was designed to be the dynamic, absolutely reliable foundation of campus research and teaching that librarians want. We created the robust functionality academic librarians demand of an integrated library management system. Two key elements contribute to its ongoing success.


Public Solutions : Innovative Interfaces

The most complete ILS on the market, scalable from small libraries to large consortia, Millennium was designed to fulfill the best expectations of patrons while easing the burdens on todayĆ¢??s in-demand public library staff. So we created Millennium, our platform-independent, fully integrated library management solution. We build what public librarians want.


Consortia Solutions : Innovative Interfaces

We've met the challenge of helping libraries benefit from resource sharing without being locked in to a one-size-fits-all system that costs staff time and puts up barriers to service. That's why Innovative has developed and delivered the products that make managing circulation rules, electronic resources and authentication simple.