Tunnel Master Point-of-Sale Management System

By: Innovative Control  09-12-2011

Optimize the way you operate your carwash.

Tunnel Master is a robust, PC-based Point of Sale system that was created to optimize the way you operate your carwash. We understand that speed and value are of the upmost importance to you and your customers and these principles are at the core of the software’s design.

Tunnel Master comes integrated with everything you need to successfully operate your wash; from sales and labor management, to inventory control, and chemical and utility analysis.

Comprehensive Cash Control System

Cash control for the car wash industry generally means programming the controller from the point-of-sale system. However, by itself, this does not provide adequate cash control. There are many important issues to consider: how vehicles are edited, whether cars or services can be manually added to the stack, filtering out accidental gate interruptions on the controller, and reporting exceptions. In reality, a comprehensive cash control system starts where most car wash industry POS systems end.

Regardless of the level of control you desire for your site, Tunnel Master® will reconcile the cash register to cash and to tunnel activity. This ensures that you are getting paid for all of the services you are providing. ICS has developed and patented the technology to give you the most accurate and secure wash-to-register comparison.

With Tunnel Master®, you can use the system to bring a higher level of control to your business, reduce errors and improve efficiency by:

  • Providing more flexibility in how you manage the customers and cars on the lot.
  • Pre-sell and Point-of Sale terminals can be fixed or portable; allowing you to greet customers where and when you want.
  • Stacking into the tunnel can be sequential, random or both simultaneously.
  • If a payment has not been received after a car has been washed, the system can send a “not paid” alert to the cashier.
  • Spend less time monitoring cash shrinkage and stolen services.

Let the Tunnel Master® POS system take control so you can focus on the most important tasks—bringing more value to your customers and growing your business.

The car-wash industry is evolving into an ever more competitive environment with more demanding customers. Tunnel Master® POS System was designed for you, the car wash professional, to deliver more value to your customers. Some of our more popular, revenue increasing sales tools include:

  • Variable pricing – Change the price of different services when purchased together. A $2.00 Tire Shine and a $3.00 Wheel Brite® may cost $4.00 when purchased together.
  • Time sensitivity – Offer different wash services and pricing when based on time. Offering “Early-bird” specials before 8:00 a.m. or restricting labor-based services after 5:00 p.m. are just two examples of time-sensitive services.
  • Unlimited wash choices and extras – Configure as many profit centers, washes and extra services as your site needs. Tunnel Master® POS System does not limit your choices as you grow your business and provide more value to your customers.
  • Accurate reporting is another crucial component. You get transaction level details for daily reporting and historical data analysis.

Tunnel Master® POS System is also highly flexible. The system can adapt to all car wash business models, including exterior, full serve, flex serve, and express exterior. Business models can also be combined, such as adding an express lane to your full service wash. As your needs change and grow, the system has the ability to meet them. The Tunnel Master® POS System reflects the longstanding ICS tradition of car wash expertise and intense customer focus. Industry-specific capabilities are embedded in the ICS Tunnel Master® POS System.

Tunnel Master Makes It Easy.

No other software package for the car-wash industry offers this comprehensive a set of labor management tools. Tunnel Master Labor Management System helps to guarantee that your customers receive the speed of service and quality you intend, at the costs you have budgeted. Regardless of your business model, Tunnel Master Labor Management System allows you to manage both labor cost and service quality independently for each profit center through the following set of tools:

Stimulate Growth While Controlling Cost

Your sales force is one of the main drivers in increasing volume and dollars per car at the wash, but it can also be a major expense. Your task as an owner or sales manager is to stimulate this growth while controlling the cost.

Building Customer Loyalty

Customer tracking focuses on building customer loyalty through identifying and rewarding your most frequent customers. But, if you offer promotions only to your those most frequent customers, you are missing out on an opportunity to create loyalty in those customers that only visit occasionally.

Tunnel Master Customer Tracking gives you tools to understand customer buying habits, increase volume and drive bottom-line earnings through increased customer loyalty.

Developing Customer Promotions

Tunnel Master Customer Tracking can help you implement many different promotional programs. Some popular examples include the following:

  • Frequent Car – Offer discounts to customers that bring the same car back within a set period of time. Or present a 24-hour, clean-car guarantee.
  • Frequent Customer – Offer incentives for customers to return with any vehicle within a set period of time.
  • Bonus Points – Works just like frequent flyer miles and can be tailored to promote extra service purchases
  • Birthday – Add that personal touch with a free wash for customers’ birthdays
  • Anniversary – You can offer a special discount to recognize customers’ anniversaries.
  • Cascade Pricing – This rewards customers who buy services on a regular basis with price reductions on each visit. If the customer keeps buying a service within a preset time period the cost keeps dropping with each visit.
  • Punch Card– This is the popular “Buy x, Get 1 Free” promotion. All types of promotions can be configured with Tunnel Master® Customer Tracking. Your imagination is the only limitation.

Keeping Your Information Secure

Your car wash software contains vital financial, employee, customer, purchasing, time clock, chemical, inventory, and cash management data. Much of this information is confidential and private. Tunnel Master makes sure it stays that way.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011