Tank Blanks

By: Innate  09-12-2011

Why fight with old, dented and rusted out stock tanks??? They always take more time and way more work than they're worth before you ever start to paint??? Not to mention that dirty, smelly old stuff weighs a ton! Your time is worth more than that.. isn't it? Save those babies for the next swap meet!

Our paintable Real Steel "Tank Blanks" cost a fraction of what new real tanks cost. They're lighter weight and not quite as deep as our so they're perfect for displays, shows or demonstrations. Fabricated with high quality steel made right here in the good old USA. True to life Real Steel "Tank Blanks" are pristine and designed to hang perfectly flat. They're easy to work with and are ready to scuff sand, primer, paint. These make great practice pieces. What a fantastic way to display your latest paint job, graphics, airbrushed artwork or pinstriping!

Each one now comes with an open back and integral Flush Mounting Tab. The new mount allows for ease of handling while painting as well as added security during display.


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Painted Tanks

Here's yet another This is the first clearcoat and there are no pinstripes or highlights yet so this is still a work in progress..Just thought you might get a kick out of seeing it before anyone else. This is the the last clearcoat and there are very subtle highlights to accent the Kameleon Red to Gold Ghost Flames on the Kandy Apple Red base..