Ingredia Nutritional - SCIENTIFIC SUPPORT

By: Ingredia Nutritional  09-12-2011

The effectiveness of a nutritional product is a key element for its success among consumers.

The scientific experts in our team commit themselves to presenting solid proof concerning this effectiveness, based on analysis and intensive clinical study, whatever the chosen ingredients and matrix.

Complete and ready-to-use documentation

INGREDIA NUTRITIONAL offers you expert reading of the complete bibliographical data and study reports concerning its ingredients, principally related to their safety, mode of action and effectiveness in different matrices.
This data has been edited and presented in a variety of forms in collaboration with our , to offer you documents suitable for a variety of reading levels, according to your preferred usage: scientific documentation, marketing communication..

The possibility of new studies

We remain at your disposal in order to meet all your specific needs concerning studies and documentation on our ingredients. If you wish, we can also:

  • Conduct additional scientific and bibliographical research regarding our ingredients.

Support for validating the effectiveness of your product

The INGREDIA NUTRITIONAL team supports you and offers you its help in the validation of the effectiveness of your end product.
In fact, we can accompany you in the implementation of your own clinical trials, by offering our recommendations concerning the study design.
Moreover, if you wish, we can connect you to our networks of experts and reliable and adaptable structures that can help with the realisation of your trials.

If you have any scientific questions, please feel free to contact us

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Ingredia Nutritional - MARKETING SUPPORT

In a rapidly evolving nutrition and health market, positioning and communication are vital for the successful marketing and long lasting success of the product. Moreover, we offer you the possibility of ensuring direct promotion of your product among consumers, by concluding a co-branding agreement. INGREDIA NUTRITIONAL offers you relevant market research, at a national but also international level, through a set of marketing tools.



By choosing our products, you also gain access to the complete range of services offered by our team to guide you through every step of the product development: market research, documentation, clinical study design, communication regarding the product, obtaining health claims..


Ingredia Nutritional - TECHNOLOGICAL SUPPORT

In fact, due to the adaptability of our plant facilities, we are able to create pilot batches on the original matrices and offer support in the formulation of your product. Thus, we can optimise the use of our ingredients for a variety of applications, especially for the following matrices. Our technical expertise allows us to be a proactive team regarding the use of our ingredients in new applications.


Ingredia Nutritional - IN RANGE OF PRODUCTS

The ingredients and solutions of our range are available in different references and may be customized according to the requirements of our customers, in order to comply with your technical and regulatory constraints. INGREDIA NUTRITIONAL specializes in the development, manufacturing and marketing of natural, innovative nutritional ingredients and solutions, with scientifically proven effectiveness.


Ingredia Nutritional - WELLBEING SOLUTIONS

A product of our scientific and technological know-how, based on our perfect understanding of the nutrition and health market, our WELLBEING SOLUTIONS are bioactive formulation cores, designed for the formulation of revolutionary nutritional products. Moreover, we offer you the possibility of developing exclusive solutions to your needs, from their formulation right up to the clinical studies to validate their effectiveness.


Ingredia Nutritional - OUR SERVICES

In a nutrition and health market with more and more demanding requirements, new products must meet various challenges in terms of innovation, effectiveness and positioning. INGREDIA NUTRITIONAL specializes in the development, manufacturing and marketing of unique, high quality nutritional ingredients and solutions, with proven effectiveness.


Ingredia Nutritional - PREMIUM INGREDIENTS

INGREDIA NUTRITIONAL produces its PREMIUM INGREDIENTS with a view to maintaining excellence throughout the entire manufacturing process, to obtain standardized ingredients, of high and constantquality, at controlled prices. PREMIUM INGREDIENTS are naturals ingredients whose beneficial actions on health have been proven and certified by the scientific community. Premium quality ingredients with preserved bioactivity.