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By: Infoware  09-12-2011
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We do more than recommend solutions – we have the expertise to deliver what you need, and we care about making it happen. You can rely on Infoware's professional services from start to finish for all your technology needs.

Infoware: your partner in IT

Partnership is fundamental to the approach we take with our clients. No matter what products you are interested in, or what services you require, Infoware will work with you to find the best possible solution. Here's what we bring to the table:

Over 20 Years of Experience

Infoware began by supplying automated office solutions in 1981. Since then, we've installed software and streamlined processes in literally hundreds of law firms and other offices. As a system integrator we provide technical knowledge about the solutions that are right for your computer systems, and practical knowledge about the solutions that are right for your business. Our services are tailored to identify your needs, to conform to your budgets and to achieve practical results quickly.

A Commitment to Service

Our role is to do more than recommend. We provide straightforward advice on the best "off-the-shelf" hardware and software for a specific task. We also provide complete analysis of your office automation requirements including network design, intranet design, information system installation, process redesign and custom software development. We also provide your staff with training in the effective use of their tools, so your organization can get the most return on its investment.

Objectivity and Perspective

Infoware offers no preconceptions. We provide an independent, objective viewpoint, that allows us to meet your requirements with the best and most appropriate solutions. Any office can reap productivity gains from personal computers. But to maximize those gains, you need an organized, systematic approach to selecting the right tools for each task, and to integrating those tools into your computing environment. Infoware can provide that approach, and provide you with the tools that are right for your situation.

Total service, from hardware to people

Infoware knows there's more to IT than technology. We do more than just provide you with a lot of computers and software, we can help you find better ways to actually use all that technology, so it really does start saving you time and money like it's supposed to. We can work with you through any part of the process, from the initial design of your computer network, to setting up the computers themselves, to training your staff when it's all done. And since every client is unique, we are customizing the solutions every step of the way to meet your particular needs.

Networks and Connections

File servers, firewalls, hubs, clients, proxies, routers, gateways and switches! When it comes to your office network, you might not know where to begin, but Infoware does. Networks aren't just collections of computers, they are a fundamental part of your business processes, and setting them up right can pay big dividends in productivity down the road. We can design the best way to setup your files, your e-mail and your internet access, so all your data is secure, and so all your computers can work with the information they need. We can even plan your network so you can access company files when you're away from the office, as long as you have an internet connection. But we don't just think up great networks, we build them too. Our staff can configure and install all the parts of your network, from wires to servers to software. The result is not just a network, but a tailor-made tool that can make all your business processes faster, more efficient and cost effective. Infoware stands behind all the work it does and can provide full technical support too, so you not only have a great investment, you have peace of mind.

Hardware, Software, Databases and Design

Infoware can not only setup and configure the computers you already have, we can draw on a large number of sources to provide new and upgraded computers and software. Through our own network of suppliers, we can create a complete, cost effective, bundled solution that is perfectly suited to your needs. Our expertise goes beyond "off-the-shelf" software. Infoware is also capable of developing custom solutions that integrate with key systems like e-mail and word processing. We can tailor your software so it helps you carry out the tasks you do most often. For example, custom document templates for letters, memos and forms, can speed up time consuming clerical work that happens every day. Printing management tools can integrate with your accounting system to track the cost of document production. Infoware can also handle large scale work, not just simple automation tasks. We can carry out complete database design projects and custom software development projects. Whatever your requirements, we'll work with you to find the most effective solutions that fit into the way you do business.


What you don't understand will hurt you. Ignorance is definitely not bliss when it comes to your computer systems, so Infoware always bases training on the understanding of concepts, not rote memorization. We know that the hardest part of getting any computer system to work throughout an organization is getting the people to use it, and use it right. Our experts can provide training for all our custom solutions, plus basic training on the software you already have and use every day. The result is a strong foundation for your staff so they can easily do their work with confidence.

Keywords: Custom Software, Law Firms, office automation, Productivity

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