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By: Infotek Consulting  09-12-2011

Infotek Consulting LLC has simplified traditionally costly and complex disaster recovery solutions by allowing it's client to recover rapidly from disasters in using bear metal recovery. We also ensure reliable disaster recovery plan by executing non-disruptive testing in a dedicated virtual environment where hardware failures are eliminated. We also minimize our client costs of disaster recovery by using virtualization best practices and reducing the need to identical servers/networks. Lastly our automated solution frees our clients from manual intervention and reduces the overhead of maintaining a complex process and procedures of disaster recovery.

Managed collocation

Infotek Consulting LLC has made the managed collocation activity infinitely better. Better in terms that you do not have to control everything, let your operating system keep control of the activities. You don't have to cater to the vagrancies of the physical hardware, the networking system, and the data retention and retrieval activities. Our managed collocation facilities will take care of these activities. You don't have to take the risks of real time operational activities, nor face the inconveniences of putting in long hours at night monitoring the hardware. It's all done for you by Infotek Consulting LLC. We offer the best collocation services and facilities available in the market.

Infotek Consulting LLC offers some unique advantages such as:

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Infotek Consulting LLC Hosting Deltek® and Microsoft® Software as a Service - hosting deltek

Our 24/7 dedicated SaaS/hosting services have helped clients achieve their business goals and increase their profit margins - a factor that makes us a trusted business entity for many customers. Our solutions work seamlessly with your existing business applications - giving you a robust, powerful, cost effective, and a reliable working environment.