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By: Influence Communication  09-12-2011
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A simple solution to all your media-monitoring needs

Influence Communication offers you a comprehensive range of qualitative and quantitative monitoring and analysis services. In order to offer you the services you require, our managers pay close attention to identifying and defining your specific needs.

Monitoring services

Thanks to our automated monitoring services, you will get the media reports you need, sorted and compiled in record time. In the event of a crisis at your company, one of our specialists is specifically assigned to your information search.

Our monitoring services include :

  • Searches by media type (radio, television, newspapers, periodicals, online news outlets, blogs and social media networks)
  • Searches by filtering (themes or keywords, automated or analyst-assisted)
  • Press reviews in different formats (plain text and image)
  • Smart phone compatibility
  • Choice of 160 countries
  • Choice of 22 languages
  • 24/7 year-round telephone support, follow-ups and updates

In-depth analysis services

You've just wound up your latest PR campaign? You can assess its impact with our qualitative and quantitative analysis services. You'll get data and statistics that will allow you to determine the real impact of this event.

  • Media performance audit of press releases and communication activities
  • Advanced segregation of themes and keywords (automated and analyst assisted)
  • Scope/frequency
  • Tone of media coverage
  • Angle and balance of media coverage
  • Lifecycles and redundancy
  • Origins and dissemination
  • Media Prominence Score according to news items, themes and newsmakers
  • Comparative assessments of media coverage
  • Journalist/media profiling
  • Archive searches for individuals, topics or organizations
  • Calculation of the advertising value of media coverage
  • Social media monitoring and analysis

Keywords: media monitoring, monitoring services

Other products and services from Influence Communication


Media monitoring | Media Information Broker

This service, provided by our senior analysts, involves the active, uninterrupted monitoring/scanning of traditional media and social media networks. Private corporations or public agencies on the lookout for information leaks or violations of information dissemination protocols. This service, which is assisted by our media analysts, uses multiple sort levels and generates several daily reports.


Media prominence score | Media Information Broker

Whether it is analyzing news items broadcast in the last few hours or the last few years, the media weight establishes the percentage of space occupied by a news item, an event or even a newsmaker compared to the total volume of news items during the same period. At the end of each year, Influence publishes its annual summary (Review of News) of headline-making news and personalities.


Quantitative analysis | Media Information Broker

Thanks to the ICE system, which is fed information automatically by some thirty companies, and analyzes, sorts and compiles millions of news items in a very short period of time, our experts can develop a number of so-called media accounting models. Is your company getting the full visibility and attention it could normally expect from the media. Which non-governmental organizations are most effective at occupying news and media space.


Qualitative analysis | Media Information Broker

Do you think your political party, union or company has been the victim of negative coverage by a particular group of newspapers. During the last crisis your company faced, how did the media coverage evolve from day to day. Influence Communication stands out from the competition for its content analysis expertise. Does your TV station offer a range of viewpoints when presenting the news. How does this compare to 5 or even 10 years ago.


Services | Courtier en information médias

Afin de vous offrir des prestations en parfaite adéquation avec vos attentes, nos gestionnaires portent une attention particulière à l’identification et à la définition de vos besoins spécifiques. Grâce à nos services de surveillance automatisés, vous obtenez le tri et la compilation des contenus médias que vous souhaitez en un temps record.