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By: Indulge Interiors  09-12-2011

Colour Consultations

One of the most economical ways to transform a space is to add some colour!  Most people are left with the question of what would work best for their space, what they would like the room to “feel” like, or perhaps how to take an inspirational piece and design a colour palette based on that one special item. 

Indulge Interiors is here to help!  Rest assured that we are up-to-date on the latest trends and industry knowledge, but we also respect your need for an original concept, completely tailored to your personal space.

*Note: We also do exteriors!

Other products and services from Indulge Interiors


Indulge Interiors - Fabrics,Finishes & Accessories

Perhaps you would like to splurge on a new type of flooring, or simply update what is already there with an affordable option. Tired of guests walking into your home and knowing exactly where you were shopping to obtain all of your products. Indulge is here to help select flooring options, select and/or create accessories and much, much more. Indulge Interiors is able to reinvent a space with original textiles, finishes and accessories.


Indulge Interiors - Room Layout/Space Planning

Whether you are interested in playing with your room’s existing pieces and simply need a new configuration, or you are moving into a new home and are having a hard time envisioning your new pieces in the space, Indulge Interiors can give you suggestions on where to place your items, ensuring all of your pieces will fit seamlessly. We are also equipped to complete hand rendered plans to scale and/or CAD drawings.


Indulge Interiors - Colour Consultations - DIY

If you know what you like, or at the very least what you do not like, Diana will create an entire room concept with inspiration from something as little as a pillow to your favourite magazine clipping. A written room design concept, explaining the suggested elements, room layout, finishes and ultimately the overall feeling of the space.


Indulge Interiors - Custom Window Treatments

Whether you are looking for a way to accent a large bay window or simply block out streetlights at night, Diana will find hard or soft window treatments that will be exactly what you are looking for. Indulge Interiors has the ability to find the treatments you need for any and all windows that you have, ensuring they are both decoratice and functional. With that comes the need for various types of window treatments.