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By: Indoor Video  09-12-2011
Keywords: LCD Monitor

  ATM•ADS FLAGSHIP19" LCD monitor with amazing side-to-side viewable angle to maximize value for the advertiser in relation to walk-by traffic.The cabinetry is made from powder-coated steel to resist any vandalism attempts, and makes for an easy cleaning and durable unit.To guard against any unforeseen impact to the LCD monitor, impact-resistant Lexan® protects the screen.Stereo speakers on the left and right of the monitor provide audio in about a 10' range, depending on the location.Near-silent operation is achieved by using low power motherboards and power supplies, eliminating the familiar fan noise and frequent fan failures we all experience with our desktop computers.  
We provide E-Signage solutions to the Canadian Marketplace. Developed aroung the financial industry, we have realtime access to some of the most sought after locations for advertisers.At the same time we provide unique, creative video toppers that allow ISO partners to generate increased transactions and locations to faciliatate powerful POS marketing.

Keywords: LCD Monitor