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By: Indigenous Management Group  09-12-2011
Keywords: Project Management, Financial Planning

Indigenous Management Group, Inc. has extensive experience in developing high quality business plans that meet client needs as well as those of potential financers. Our consulting team has over two decades of experience in developing top quality business plans, as well as training economic development officers in the process of business plan development.

Indigenous Management Group, Inc. is committed to working with Indigenous communities in Canada and around the world as they work to establish meaningful self-government and economic self-sufficiency. Our years of experience with First Nations in Canada have given us a comprehensive understanding of the needs of Indigenous peoples and the tools that are required to get started. We offer complete community planning and project management services to help Indigenous communities plan for the future of their communities and for the well-being of the seventh generation. As First Nations people, we understand the importance of taking a participatory approach in the economic development planning process.

Increasingly, governments and other funding agencies are interested in assessing whether they are getting best value for money from projects and programs funded. Cost Benefit and Cost Effectiveness analyses are two precise methods for determining whether a project is worth undertaking given a selected point of view. Depending on the type of project either monetary benefits or physical effects are compared to costs. The point of view determines, what costs and what benefits or effects are considered in the analysis. Indigenous Management Group, Inc. is committed to evaluating costs and benefits from the perspective of society, with particular focus on the costs and benefits as they accrue to First Nations communities.

We have over ten years of experience in providing financial planning services to First Nations and First Nations businesses. Our services include budgeting and cash management, financial forecasts and projections, and preparation of First Nations Remedial Management Plans.

Assessing wealth in today‘s global economy is a challenge to anybody. To Indigenous peoples, who often lack the resources, capital and experience required to even enter the global marketplace, the challenge is even greater. Establishing partnerships with non-First Nations firms is an excellent way to meet this challenge. For non-First Nations firms, partnering with First Nations companies is an opportunity to expand their market, develop new networks and learn from traditional wisdom and experience. Indigenous Management Group, Inc. has experience in partnering directly with non-First Nations companies and in facilitating partnerships for other First Nations firms and the non-First Nations private sector.

Indigenous Management Group, Inc. provides holistic project management services that take into account all aspects of business and economic development within the community. Our experience works to provide maximum economic benefit to the community through the creation of strategic linkages, partnerships within the First Nations and non-First Nations sectors, as well as comprehensive human resource planning and training needs assessments.

Evaluation is a key step in the development and growth of a project or program in not only the government sector, but in the private and non-profit sectors, as well. Indigenous Management Group, Inc. has considerable experience conducting evaluations and assessments within the First Nations community in particular. Our background and experience provide us with an essential understanding of important socio-economic and community characteristics and values within First Nations communities. As well, we are committed to empowerment, inclusiveness and capacity building as important components in First Nations project/program evaluations.

Our team members have extensive backgrounds performing academic quality research and analysis across a broad range of subjects, including: First Nations Agriculture, First Nations Economic and Community Development, Organizational Analysis, First Nations Business, First Nations Health and Wellness, Sustainable Development, Venture Capital Financing, Access to Capital for First Nations Business, Government Policies for Economic Development, and the Community Planning Process.

Human Resources play an integral role in the economic development of Indigenous communities in Canada and around the world. Indigenous Management Group, Inc. has experience in performing human resource needs assessments, compiling inventories and creating training plans for Indigenous communities.

Keywords: Financial Planning, Project Management

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